A N A L Y T I C A L C H E M I S T R Y 2 5 6 R O L E - P L A Y I N G L A B
1998-1999 Academic Year
©Prof. John P. Walters
St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN 55057

Introduction to Role-Playing and Laboratory Computing
Defining the Kinds of Role-Playing Responsibilities

Round-Robin Certification of Laboratory Glassware

Production Quality Control Lead Analysis
Statistical/Chemical Evaluation of Lead Data
Semi-Automated Weak Acid Titration
Graphical Analysis of Weak Acid Titration
Designing a Mock Robot Experiment
Executing the Mock Robot Experiment
The Incredible Edible Easter Egg Grass Advertising Dilemma
The Downsizing Dilemma
The Broken Pill Coating Machine Assembly Line Shutdown Dilemma
The Instrument Purchase Payment Release Dilemma


Manager: Selection of Certification Procedures - Verifying the Certifications
Chemist: Cleaning, Handling, and Using Volumetric Glassware
Software: Spreadsheet Setup and Inter-Company Data Telemetry
Hardware: Electronic Balance Computer Connection and Operation


Manager has to decide which pieces of glassware to certify by direct calibration, how to use the data to establish general error limits for later work, how to communicate the results to others in the lab, and how to divide the time between planning, data acquisition, and statistical analysis of the results. In addition, safety procedures have to be established and monitored for Chemist to use when cleaning the glassware. With results available from other companies, and some data from previous classes, good statistical results should be derivable that would let everyone know what acceptable tolerances are on the glassware and the way that it is used. This will require interaction between company Managers and electronic exchange of lab data and spreadsheets.


The rationale selected for certification and calibration are at issue here, along with the way in which data between classes and companies were used to validate the approach. The way in which communication was maintained during these interactions is a crucial issue. The way in which a general tolerance statement is to be made for the whole semester needs to be established. Overall time management is at issue. Success in file transfer is up for discussion, along with how other company's data were used.

Manager should have available at the interview all spreadsheet pages showing the certification of his or her Company’s glassware, plus have access to other Company’s data that have been used in the round-robin certification process. Discussion about how such things as the t-test and the Q-test were or were not used are quite appropriate. Additional discussion about how to keep an electronic lab record is something that Upper Management will encourage Staff to carry out.

round robin results