Role-Playing Laboratory Grading

Used by Prof. John Walters before his retirement in 2003

When you (Manager) have your Management Interview, fractional deductions from a grade of "A" will be made according to each of the items below. Check with Upper Management to determine beforehand if there are any criteria that will be unequally weighted for the experiment at hand. Failure to complete any of the red boxes means an automatic F for the experiment.





Used effective oral communication during laboratory experiment.

Lab data and records signed and time/date stamped.

Established and explained experiment objectives before work begun.

Used effective written and electronic communication during experiment.

Performed statistical analyses to interpret results.

Adjusted management plan during lab to keep Company fully active.

Explained one individual's actions on others in the Company.

Used data to support conclusions. Got the “right results”.

Managed laboratory safety (MSDS, waste disposal).

Facilitated electronic intra-company data exchanges.

Kept data safe and well organized.

Acknowledged management flaws.

Mediated conflict resolution when needed during lab. Handled grievances and personal conflicts.

Adjusted operations during lab to alleviate time and quality problems.

Prevented idle times. Did not do other’s work for them. Practiced division of responsibility.

Ensured all data properly stored and available to other Managers before leaving lab.

Kept a well-organized report and presented it clearly during the Management Interview.

Scheduled debriefing session to explain the Company grade.