A N A L Y T I C A L   C H E M I S T R Y  2 5 6
R O L E - P L A Y I N G  L A B
1998-1999 Academic Year
©Prof. John P. Walters
St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN 55057

Introduction to Role-Playing and Laboratory Computing
Defining the Kinds of Role-Playing Responsibilities
Round-Robin Certification of Laboratory Glassware
Production Quality Control Lead Analysis
Statistical/Chemical Evaluation of Lead Data
Semi-Automated Weak Acid Titration

Graphical Analysis of Weak Acid Titration

Designing a Mock Robot Experiment
Executing the Mock Robot Experiment
The Incredible Edible Easter Egg Grass Advertising Dilemma
The Downsizing Dilemma
The Broken Pill Coating Machine Assembly Line Shutdown Dilemma
The Instrument Purchase Payment Release Dilemma


Manager: Design and Interpretation of the Graphical Procedure
Chemist: Preparation of Weak Acid Solution
Software: Operation of the LabVIEW Experimental and Theoretical VI’s
Hardware: Operation of the Semi-Automated Titration Device


The weak acid titration is executed using the semi-automated titration device and the LabVIEW "experimental titrator (large)" or "experimental titrator" virtual instrument. After this, the entire Company uses the "theoretical titrator" VI to fit the experimental and theoretical titration curves, and then to explore the effects of key experimental parameters on the utility of the titration as an analytical tool when used to determine the purity of the acid being titrated.


Manager has the task of deciding if and why the process of titration is a good analytical tool, or just an old device that should be discarded in favor of more modern instrumental approaches. To do this, she or he will explore the effects of some critical experimental parameters that are usually not known when assaying a natural sample, In the interview, Manager will discuss how important these parameters are. Manager’s conclusions will be supported with examples gathered while manipulating the theoretical titration curve and comparing the results to the experimental