Click on the blue underlined "Name of stuffed VI" to download it to your machine. It must then be unstuffed using Stuffit Deluxe or equivalent deconpressing software. If you use these VI's in your work, please drop me an e-mail and let me know how they work for you. They will be modified and updated on a regular basis, incorporating your input whenever practical.

Experiment Title Description of VI Name of stuffed VI Size of VI
LabVIEW® Tutorials Show text, enumerated, and ring controls working textringexamples.sit 824 KB
Digital I/O Sets bits HI or LO on selected DIO port basicbyteflasher.sit 24 KB
Digital I/O Displays pH in BCD from DIO bits and as chart pHmeter.sit 32 KB
Analog Input Displays 4 phased signals from a function generator a2d4channel.sit 32 KB
Analog Output One of a set that can output a calculated waveform d2a8noout.sit 8 KB
Serial I/O Allows signals to be sent to serial A/D converter sioa2d.sit 16 KB
Mock GC/MS Oven Allows control of temperature inside mock oven controltemp.sit 52 KB
(all of the above) A Savitsky-Golay smoothing VI by Dan Gilmore (UAz) SGQuadraticCubicSmooth.sit 40 KB
Polarography A staircase potentiostat to operate a synchronized DME polaropotentiostat.sit 52 KB
Cyclic Voltammetry A potentiostat to scan a Gold electrode for a CV display CVpotentiostat.sit 60 KB
Atomic Absorption An A/D driver to display absorption from a Buck AA readAA.sit 24 KB
Robotic Colorimetry An A/D driver to display absorption from a colorimeter macreadspec.sit 24 KB
HPLC Public Demonstration A workstation for PE-TriDet HPLC's to use in teaching HPLCdatastation.sit 56 KB
GC/MS Cracking Patterns A VI to make HP GC/MS data readable by Excel mschemstationparse.sit 12 KB