There two special pictures that start this collection, Then the pictures that follow are from two of my courses. The first are from the senior course Chemistry 382/378, Instrumental Analysis, Fall, 1999. The next set is from the lab portion of the junior/senior course Chemistry 255/256, Analytical Chemistry, Spring, 1999. This was a special year for me, and the people pictured carry, for various reasons, special memories.

A special student picture (on the left) is of 1st Lt. Joe, USMC,
the top student I have had in all of the courses I have taught over the past 38 years,
both at Wisconsin and St. Olaf, graduate and undergraduate.
Detailed accolades are not needed. Being top gun says it all.

The picture on the right goes back a few years to 1957
to an accomplishment of which I am especially proud.
The roles that Joe and I had as student/teacher are not too
different than those suggested by these pictures, taken at different times in different world circumstances.

Perhaps those who wish us ill could benefit from looking at this picture before they act the next time.

Now for the 1999 classes!

Instrumental Analysis, 1999.

It was a great year - actually one of the best I/A classes I have had at St. Olaf. We finished all of the experiments with successful results, did not break Mike the robot, did all of the homework, wrote all of the LabVIEW programs, soundly beat the national average on the ACS final exam, had a great finish with our HPLC demo in the Science Center lobby, and all left good friends. Here we are at the end of the semester.

The 1999 Class - All 12 of Us


Erin   Heather









Analytical Chemistry
The last time that I taught the class and lab.

Spring, 1999 Chemistry 256 Role-Playing Companies - A Succesful Teaching Experience at St. Olaf.
Aaron, Traci , Katie, Chad
Josh, Nick, Joe, Angie
Emina, John, Jennifer, Megan
Alex, Christine, Amanda, Gehrig
Vicki, Emily, Paul, Megan
Russ, Melissa, Beth, Becky
Kara, Alicia, Amy, Jon
Brenna, Nathan, Eric, Andrew