Click this picture to learn why ID-251 labs are not just "keystroking" exercises.

Read here about the tutorial and project lab experiments that ID251 students complete during the January interim. Follow the links to learn more by example what the tutorial and project labs involve. Follow the film links to see the descriptive reviews of the films shown as part of the film labs.

ID251 Lab Experiments

Storyboard Whole-Course Project Lab
Pick out a pathology or pathological condition that has significant personal meaning to you. Using A.D.A.M. , selected quality web sites, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Photoshop prepare a storyboard that describes in words and pictures your pathology from diagnosis to termination. A color table will be developed to use in setting up a web page presentation of each storyboard. Each storyboard also will be color printed and posted outside the lab on the wall for others to read.

Tutorial Lab 1
Design of your personalized letterhead and prepare boilerplate letter to cover different biopsy results.

Film Lab #1 Brazil
Being a comi-graphic account of how seemingly insignificant blunders in computer based information management leads to human devastation when the data are in the hands of dull-witted yet overly-powerful bureaucrats. Applies to the abuse of electronic records. 

Tutorial Lab 2
Learning about autotext in Word. Learning how to use mail merge fields in a Word document to prepare a dunning letter.

Film Lab #2 1984
Being a harshly surrealistic portrayal of intellectual domination and control of thought through computer controlled history in the hands of a centralized authority by negation of the individual’s value as a child of God. The novel and film were responsible for popularization of the phrase "orwellian".

Project Lab 1
Prepare a set of dunning letters to report overdue billings using mail merge. Finish projects from Tuesday’s boilerplate lab

Talk Show Lab #1
On the front lines with people helping sick people.
Dr. Kay Schwebke, Ms. Bev. Lubbers, Ms. Cheryl Gjerdiangen, all from Allina Medical Clinic.

Tutorial Lab 3
Preparing and interpreting blood pressure data. Doing a t-test to determine if blood pressure meds are having the desired effect. How to make a quality professional graph.

Film Lab #3 2001
Being a gently surrealistic portrayal of the use of artificial intelligence for decision making in paradoxical situations - with an illustration of how God uses a divine computer to prepare the second coming through a "star child" to provide humanity’s salvation. Relates to medical diagnosis by computer program.

Tutorial Lab 4
How to use Excel for making a variety of charts and graphs. Focus will be on pie charts, bar graphs, and custom charts. How to make a pivot table. How to use a pivot table.

Film Lab #4 2010
Being a portrayal recapturing human control of decision making from an artificially intelligent computer and the compromises that result from personal ambition for its use. The film serves as a way of "interpreting" 2001 for the public, while also cautioning against computer based uses of power.

Project Lab 2
Work in SC328 with Mike, theZymark Zymate II lab robot, to set up and use a program for the analysis of iron in a set of water samples you have collected. Learn how robots do chemistry and how a robot is "mapped".

Project Lab 3
How to prepare, graph, and present data in a spreadsheet. Bar, pie, and exploded pie graphs are used for decision making about dental clinic production.

Talk Show Lab #2
Dentists and computers - Dr. Mike Remes, Dr. David Brust, and Dr. John Ehresmann discuss how they manage their entire practice with office and home computers, using commercial software and the Microsoft Office package.

Tutorial Lab 5
How to use Excel to make a form-based page using variable-contents fields and voice recogniotion input as a way of admitting a patient for possible ER or hospital surgical procedures.

Film Lab #5 Coma
Being a vintage effort at blending digital illustrations with real time video to portray by animation the human-computer (unavoidable) clash between good and evil. It relates more today to biology and the implanted computer chip than it did when it was first made.

Project Lab 5
We make a web page using forms and clinical photographs to mimic a hospital source for informing patients of potential cancer signs. A form is provided to request more information.

Tutorial Lab 6
How to use Pagespinner to make a web page that explores some of the advantages and limitations of a possible electronic patient record.

Film Lab #6 West World
Being a classic portrayal of cyborgs for personal gratification, run amuck due to "technical difficulties", leading to personal death. Yul Brenner offers an astonishingly convincing performance of why technology must never be allowed to advance to the degree of total automation.

Project Lab 6
We make a web page using forms to mimic a hospital intranet and inform physicians of how patients feel about their stay in the hospital undergoing surgical procedures.

Talk Show Lab #3
Dr. Ken Sansome, Dr. Gretchen Ehresmann, Dr. Donald Asmussen, and Dr. Greg Beilman, talk about hospitals, pharmacies and the electronic patient record.

Tutorial Lab 7
Digitizing, in black and white, text and figures, painting, tinting, colorizing, building composite illustrations and taking digital pictures to form telemedicine information. Introducing Photoshop and Filemaker Pro.

Film Lab #7 Brainstorm
Being a visually stunning and imaginative portrayal of the ultimate use of virtual reality to record a near death experience, with side excursions into militaristic abuse of VR combined with lots of artificial intelligence and robotics. Natalie Wood’s last film.

Project Lab 7
Building a set of class database records that are shared over the internet to illustrate a hospital intranet. We explore different ways that Electronic Medical records are being used.

Tutorial Lab 8
Doing the "rolling ambulance" remote trauma role-play, with the trauma in SC321 and the ER in RML250. We also have a demonstration of telemedicine equipment of some kind. Telemedicine in studied action.

Film Lab #8 Time Bandits
Being a delightfully surrealistic presentation of how technology in the clever hands of mischievous or naive people leads to the fall from Grace, capture by Satan, and final rescue from eternal damnation by God in person. This film ties together all the ID251 films.

Project Lab 8
Demonstration of Telemedicine in field action. The American Telemedicine Inc., Aviva Single Line System Unit will be demonstrated by Ms. Lisa Abrams.