There are several texts that we use. There are probably more than you want to buy on your own. For this reason, I recommend that you select a "book buddy", and split the load with him or her. The readings can be nicely staggered according to the books shown in a single row in the table below. Thus, while one person is reading the book on the left, which establishes a "point", the other book buddy can be reading the one on the right, which establishes a "counterpoint". Then the two buddies can alternate. The books will be listed and available in the St. Olaf bookstore, but, to save money, you might want to buy them from

This is where I have obtained the prices shown. Two books are formal texts for computers in medicine, which will be one of our leading applications reflecting the health professions. If you are headed into medicine, nursing, or dentistry, I urge you to consider a personal copy as a wise purchase. Other professions may have more relevant choices which you can locate through a search of
The Cry and the Covenant These are "must read" books. The Cry and the Covenant addresses epidemiology when there were no computers. The Hot Zone presents an analogous situation when the full CDC was active in the cause/effect search. It seems hard to believe that medicine could have been so dramatically changed by computers and correlational statistics in the short time between the two stories. The Hot zone
cybermedicine The two books comprise the formal texts that we use, along with our talk shows, to give us a reality check on what is presently possible with computers an d their established uses in medicine. These books should be read before any med school interview to allow a knowledgable discussion of what is, as well as what might be. Note that are both highly rated by readers! 21st Century miracle medicine
Excel for Dummies You will have to teach yourself enough Excel to graphically analyze your blood pressures, and thus pass the final. This is why I have Excel for Dummies. Many of you will want to expand your ability to build web pages, and thus the Sams book. Both work well at getting a basic message across in a short time, fitting into a fragemented and busy schedule (just as you will have when you are a professional!). HTML in 24 hours
HTML in 24 hours One by design, at least fictionally, and one by accident, probably accurately - these two books add a great deal of perspective on how computers can, and already have, shaped our lives. The Genesis Code will not easily be set down once started; many read it around the clock in one sitting. Accidental Empires shows us a side of business that would be humorous if it were not so pungent. Both are excellent reads for a cold winter's night. Accidental Empires
Cuckoo's egg What lies ahead? Stoll shows how easy it is to take apart our massive computer structure by hacking through the network. It has already happened - more than once. It will happen again, surely. Kurzweil on the other hand, paints a more interesting picture. Instead of us hacking into computers, he pictures computers hacking into us! The time-lines on these two scenarios are remarkably short - something like 30-50 years. Best to start reading now. Spiritual Machines