Will it ever be possible to fill out a form without becoming a "bean counter"? Can you imagine an ER doc filling out a form while s/he is treating a patient?

The answer to these two questions probably seems to be "no". But what if the form lived all of its time on a computer, and what if the fields in the form were filled in by voice recognition? That is one of the things we explore in this tutorial lab. For a form, we have this as an example. It was created in Excel by Rich Frash. For voice recognition, we either use actual software, or mock it up in a role-play. For a trauma to use as an example, we have a role-play, such as the "rolling ambulance" situation.

It is quite an afternoon. We learn a great deal about communication, and often arrive at the conclusion that the whole issue of verbal input to a computer for record keeping demands too much of the speakers attention to be useful in an unrehearsed crisis situation.

Looking at our form, what do you think?

ER chart

What are you headed into when you are getting ready for an operation? Could a physician or physician's assistant lessen your anxiety by showing you ahead of time, in pictorial for (as below) what the procedure involves? Or would that just make it worse. We explore this now.
cruciate ligament