Date of Birth: July 4, 1938, Elgin, IL

University Appointments:


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There are 69 publications, of which only the four most relevant to my teaching at St. Olaf are listed below:

Professional Presentations:

From 1965 to 2002 there are 124 Invited and Contributed Presentations at local and national meetings. None are listed here for purposes of brevity, but the complete list is available on request.

Funding for Educational Research:

    1. September, 1985 and January, 1987; Amoco Foundation, unrestricted for developing "Microcomputing as a Legitimate Part of the Undergraduate Analytical Laboratory", $20,000 in 2 equal parts.
    2. January, 1988; 3M Foundation, as part of a larger omnibus grant; "A RoleBased Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry", $43,000.
    3. January, 1989; The Apple Computer Foundation, Computer Equipment for LabVIEW Virtual Instrumentation, $32,000.
    4. January, 1989; The Dow Chemical Company Foundation; "RolePlaying Laboratories in Analytical Chemistry", $37,800.
    5. June, 1989, The Hughes Foundation; "High Bit Count Imaging and Telemetry for Medical Informatics", $24,000.
    6. January, 1990; The Dow Chemical Company Foundation and The Zymark Company, "A Robot for RolePlaying", $43,000.
    7. January, 1991; The Dow Chemical Company Analytical Sciences Laboratory, $14,000, funds to prepare descriptions on the RolePlaying Laboratory.
    8. January, 1992; The Dow Chemical Company Analytical Sciences Laboratory, $2,800, for Zymark Robot Expansion
    9. January, 1993; Merck Foundation, $50,000 for Mac Duo 230 portable computers to extend the RolePlaying Laboratory construct into large classroom groups for interactive learning.
    10. January, 1996; Hughes Foundation, $40,000 for CCD spectrophotometers
    11. March, 1997; Johnson’s Wax Foundation, $20,000 for atomic absorption spectrometers.
    12. August 1997; Dreyfus Foundation, $60,000 for Scholar/Fellow Award

Undergraduate Students and Research Projects:

University of Wisconsin Madison:

    1. June, 1967; Joyce E. Tevebaugh, BS. "Radiation Equilibria in a Gas Discharge inNitrogen".
    2. June, 1967; Donald E. Osten, BS. "Electrodeless Excitation of Band Spectra from Gas Samples".
    3. February, 1968; Amy J. Unertl, BS. "Use of a Plasma Jet and Direct Reading Spectrometer for Solid Sample Impurity Analysis".
    4. June, 1969; Karl P. Schmidt, BS. "XRay Diffraction Studies of the Behavior of Fractional Distillation in a D. C. Arc".
    5. June, 1969; Thomas M. Niemczyk, BS. "Computer Generation of Weak Acid Titration Curves".
    6. June, 1974; Kerry Kelly, BS. "Computer Generation of Weak Acid Titration Curves".
    7. June, 1979; Tom Olscheske, BS. "Adaptation of an Interactive, DischargeSimulation Program to a DiscSupported Microcomputer".
    8. June, 1979; Sally Kokke, BS. "Construction and Characterization of the Heath H8 Computer".

St. Olaf College Northfield:

    1. June, 1984; Dean Plumb, BA. "Construction and Programming Instrumentation for Teaching Analytical Chemistry".
    2. June, 1986; Bruce Gutzmann, BA. "Board Level Interfacing on the H100 Microcomputer; BASIC/Pascal Driven Software".
    3. June, 1988; Dan Higgins, BA. "Serial Driven Instrument Control and Data Acquisition Programs".
    4. June 1988; Chandler Taylor, BA. "Simulation of the Acid Rain Problem".
    5. June, 1988; Scott Vlasak, BA. "C Programming for Instrument Control".
    6. June, 1988; Teresa Olson, BA, Sociology; "Uses of Computers in the Health Professions; Teaching Experiments and Goals".
    7. June, 1989; Thomas Dresen, BA, Chemistry/Biology; Using the Amiga 2000 Computer for Medical Image Processing.
    8. June, 1989; Glenn Hughes, BA, Chemistry; Interfacing LC Instrumentation to Lotus Spreadsheets.
    9. June, 1989; Brian Lieske, BA, Chemistry and Computer Science; Remote Instrument Control Using QuickBASIC Serial Programs.
    10. June, 1990; Marin Amundsen, BA, English; Constructivistic Methods of Education in Role-Playing Laboratories in Chemistry.
    11. June, 1990; Stacey Lee, BA, Biology; Semmelweis and Septis - an Accurate Historical View of Morton Thompson's novel "The Cry and The Covenant".
    12. June, 1991; Steve Higgins, BA, Chemistry, and Scott Koehler, BA. Biology and Chemistry, LabVIEWII Virtual Instrumentation for Instrumental Analysis Role-Playing Laboratories.
    13. June, 1991; Maren Bunge, BA, Chemistry, Using WingZ Spreadsheets for Multiple Equilibria Graphic Solution on the Mac Computer.
    14. June, 1992; Richard Hansen, BA Chemistry, LabVIEW2 Virtual Instrumentation for First-Year General Chemistry Laboratory Experiments.
    15. August, 1996; Nolan Flynn, BA, Chemistry, LabVIEW4 Virtual Instrumentation for Cyclic Voltammetry.
    16. August, 1997; Erica Kyllo, BA, Chemistry, Standard Addition Methods in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.
    17. August , 1998, Nathan Peitersen, B.A., Chemistry, Fourier Transform Signal Processing for Increasing Sensitivity for Copper in a Field Portable Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.
    18. August, 1998, Amanda Harper, B.A., LabVIEW Control of a Field Portable Automatic Titrator.
    19. June, 2000, Joseph Lohmeyer, B.A., LabVIEW Fourier Transform VI for Interpretation of NMR FID Data.
    20. June, 2002, Phillip Volkers and Katie Williams, B.A., LabVIEW Programs for Instrumental Analysis Laboratories and Simulation-Based Problem Sets.
    21. June, 2003, Nicole Oetjen, B.A., Robot sample Preparation to Compensate for Matrix Effects in AA Analysis of Well Water

Masters Students and Theses:

    1. September, 1967; Joan C. May, MS. "Application of Ion Exchange Membranes to Analytical Emission Spectroscopy".
    2. January, 1969; Thomas V. Bruhns, MS. "Design and Construction of a Quarter-Wave Resonant, Electronically-Ignited Spark Source".
    3. February, 1979; William Friz, MS. "Axial Intensity Distributions in a Copper Arc".
    4. June, 1969; Michael J. Brownfield, MS. "High Sensitivity Spectrochemical Analysis through Inhibited Stepwise Excitation".
    5. August, 1970; Theodore M. Stokich, MS. "High Fidelity Image Transfer Optical Systems".
    6. June, 1972; David D. Pendergast, MS. "Sampling Effects in Methods Development for Spectrochemical Analysis".
    7. November, 1972; John S. Beaty, MS. "Standard Procedures for Line Wavelength Determination and Analysis".
    8. December, 1972; David M. Coleman, MS. "Design and Fabrication of a Large, Vibration-Free, Rigid Optical Bed".
    9. October, 1973; Bruce D. Hollar, MS. "A Study of a High-Angle Grating with a View Towards its Application to Line-Width Studies".
    10. September, 1980; Steven G. Barnhart, MS. "Instrumentation for Time-Gated, Direct-Reading Spectrochemical Analysis".

Doctoral Students and Theses:

    1. August, 1969; Stephen W. Brewer, Jr., Ph.D. "Optical and X-Ray Studies of Metal Surfaces Eroded by High-Voltage Spark Discharges".
    2. August, 1969; Richard D. Sacks, Ph.D. "Radiation Processes and Instrumental Considerations for Temporally and Spatially Resolved Study of a High-Voltage Spark Discharge".
    3. June, 1973; Steven A. Goldstein, Ph.D. "Temporal and Spatial Characterization of Radiation in a High Voltage Spark Discharge".
    4. December, 1974; William S. Eaton, Ph.D. "Temporal and Spatial Characterization of Radiation in a High Voltage Spark Discharge Applied to the Time and Spatially Integrated Experiment".
    5. January, 1975; Jimmy W. Hosch, Ph.D. "Microchronometric Schlieren Study of a High Voltage Spark Discharge".
    6. September, 1976; David M. Coleman, Ph.D. "Design of a Large, Versatile Instrumental Complex to Observe the Process of Spark Discharge".
    7. September, 1976; Robert L. Watters, Jr., Ph.D. "An Instrumental System for Axial Extraction of Light and Species form an Atmospheric-Pressure Spark Discharge".
    8. June, 1978; John Robert Rentner, Ph.D. "Investigations of a New Type of Atmospheric Pressure Spark Discharge for Spectrochemical Analysis".
    9. September, 1978; Alexander Scheeline, Ph.D. "Techniques for Observation and Control of High Voltage Spark Discharge".
    10. May, 1979; Robert John Klueppel, Ph.D. "Spectroscopic Investigations of Cathode Vapor Excitation and Propagation in High Voltage Spark Discharges".
    11. June, 1981; David Ekimoff, Ph.D. "Characterization of a Positionally Stable Spark Discharge Train: Basic Properties and Analytical Directions".
    12. October, 1981; Paul Burton Farnsworth, Ph.D. "Excitation Processes in an RF-Boosted, Pulsed Hollow Cathode Lamp".
    13. December, 1981; Donald Neil Washburn, Ph.D. "Investigations of High Power Spark Trains for Spectrochemical Analysis".
    14. February, 1982; John William Olesik, Ph.D. "Explorations to Develop Artificially Intelligent Spectrochemical Instruments - Statistical Mapping of Alloy Samples".
    15. June, 1982; Samuel Edward Mathews, Ph.D. "Schlieren Study of the Post-Discharge Environment in a High Voltage Spark Discharge".
    16. December, 1982; Deborah Jean Collander Helmer, Ph.D. "Characterization of the Effluent from a High-Voltage Spark Discharge".
    17. April 1, 1983; Steven George Barnhart, Ph.D. "An Automated, High-Precision Instrumental System to Observe the Process of Spark Discharge and Explore the Benefits of Synchronously-Gated Detection".

Post-Doctoral Associates:

University of Wisconsin - Madison:

    1. Dr. Teruo Uchida, Research Associate, 1971 - 73, working on radio-frequency resonant spark sources.
    2. Dr. Charly Allemand, Visiting Scientist, summer, 1973, working on computer design of Schlieren optical systems by computer ray tracing.
    3. Dr. David M. Coleman, Project Associate, 1976 - 77, working on absorption spectroscopy of stable sparks at high resolution.
    4. Dr. Tsutomu Araki, Research Associate, 1978 - 80, working on absorption spectroscopy of positionally stable spark discharges.
    5. Dr. Thomas M. Niemczyk, Visiting Associate Professor, 1978 - 80, working on color schlieren photography of stable spark discharges.
    6. Dr. Scott C. Goode, Visiting Associate Professor, 1981 - 82, working on spark coupled microwave discharges.
    7. Dr. John W. Olesik, Project Associate, 1982, working on vidicon detection for time-space resolved spectroscopy of stable spark discharge trains.

St. Olaf College - Northfield

    1. Dr. Paul T. Jackson, Dreyfus Fellow, 1997-1999, working on the development of a role-playing GC-MS project for the analysis of diet drugs as a capstone exercise in chemistry.


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