Doctoral Students and Theses:

1. August, 1969; Stephen W. Brewer, Jr., Ph.D. "Optical and X-ray Studies of Metal Surfaces Eroded by High-Voltage Spark Discharges".

2. August, 1969; Richard D. Sacks, Ph.D. "Radiation Processes and Instrumental Considerations for Temporally and Spatially Resolved Study of a High-Voltage Spark Discharge".

3. June, 1973; Steven A. Goldstein, Ph.D. "Temporal and Spatial Characterization of Radiation in a High Voltage Spark Discharge".

4. December, 1974; William S. Eaton, Ph.D. "Temporal and Spatial Characterization of Radiation in a High Voltage Spark Discharge Applied to the Time and Spatially Integrated Experiment".

5. January, 1975; Jimmy W. Hosch, Ph.D. "Microchronometric Schlieren Study of a High Voltage Spark Discharge".

6. September, 1976; David M. Coleman, Ph.D. "Design of a Large, Versatile Instrumental Complex to Observe the Process of Spark Discharge".

7. September, 1976; Robert L. Watters, Jr., Ph.D. "An Instrumental System for Axial Extraction of Light and Species from an Atmospheric-Pressure Spark Discharge".

8. June, 1978; John Robert Rentner, Ph.D. "Investigations of a New Type of Atmospheric Pressure Spark Discharge for Spectrochemical Analysis".

9. September, 1978; Alexander Scheeline, Ph.D. "Techniques for Observation and Control of High Voltage Spark Discharge".

10. May, 1979; Robert John Klueppel, Ph.D. "Spectroscopic Investigations of Cathode Vapor Excitation and Propagation in High Voltage Spark Discharges".

11. June, 1981; David Ekimoff, Ph.D. "Characterization of a Positionally Stable Spark Discharge Train: Basic Properties and Analytical Directions".

12. October, 1981; Paul Burton Farnsworth, Ph.D. "Excitation Processes in an RF-Boosted, Pulsed Hollow Cathode Lamp".

13. December, 1981; Donald Neil Washburn, Ph.D. "Investigations of High Power Spark Trains for Spectrochemical Analysis".

14. February, 1982; John William Olesik, Ph.D. "Explorations to Develop Artificially Intelligent Spectrochemical Instruments - Statistical Mapping of Alloy Samples".

15. June, 1982; Samuel Edward Mathews, Ph.D. "Schlieren Study of the Post-Discharge Environment in a High Voltage Spark Discharge".

16. December, 1982; Deborah Jean Collander Helmer, Ph.D. "Characterization of the Effluent from a High-Voltage Spark Discharge".

17. April 1, 1983; Steven George Barnhart, Ph.D. "An Automated, High-Precision Instrumental System to Observe the Process of Spark Discharge and Explore the Benefits of Synchronously-Gated Detection".