Accommodation Letters

What are accommodation letters?

  • The accommodations that you and your Accessibility Specialist arrange are communicated to your faculty members through accommodation letters.  Accommodation letters are formal documents written to each faculty member from the Accessibility Specialist, listing your approved accommodations.

How will I get my accommodation letters?

  • Prior to the beginning of each semester, you can fill out the online request form indicating that you would like accommodation letters to be produced for the upcoming semester.
  • If you have not yet met with your Accessibility Specialist during the current academic year, you will need to stop by the ASC or call 507-786-3288 to schedule a 30 minute check-in with Connie or Laura.
  • Your accommodation letter will be e-mailed directly to your professors from your Accessibility Specialist.  Your letter will not be delivered to your professors until you have scheduled your check-in appointment with your Accessibility Specialist (see above).

What do I need to do after my accommodation letter is delivered?

  • When your Accessibility Specialist emails your letter to your professors, you will receive a copy.  Keep the letter somewhere safe for your records.
  • As soon as your accommodation letter is sent to your professors, you are expected to contact each professor individually to discuss the accommodations.  Confirm that each professor received the letter, and talk about how the specific accommodations (such as extended time on tests) will be arranged in each class.  You are not obligated to share any details of your disability during these conversations.  Make this contact right away to ensure that you and the professors will have enough time to make any necessary arrangements for upcoming exams, etc.
  • Contact your Accessibility Specialist right away if you have any questions, concerns, or problems with your accommodations in any of your classes.