Alternate Testing Procedures

If your accommodation letter specifies that you are eligible for testing accommodations (extended time, separate room, and/or no more than one exam per day), please follow the procedures listed here.

1.     Speak with your professor about testing arrangements at least one week before the exam or quiz.  Things to discuss:

a. Is the professor willing and able to reserve a room in a location near the classroom, or should the ASC make the arrangements?  Rooms arranged by the ASC will always be in the ASC or in another space in Buntrock Commons.  We do not make arrangements for rooms in academic buildings.

b. What time will you take the test?  If you do not have another class immediately following the class in which there is a test, you should take the exam/quiz at the scheduled time.  Starting the test earlier than the rest of the class is another scheduling option that works well.

c. Confirm the delivery/return of the test.  Please let your professor know that he/she will need to deliver a copy of the exam - via email or in person - to BreAne Hampsher in the ASC no later than 8:00 a.m. the day of the exam.  An ASC student worker will return the exam directly to the professor.

2.      If the professor is arranging the room, you do not need to take any further action with the ASC.  If the ASC is arranging the room, you will need to submit this form.

3.      The request form needs to be filled out at least 3 school days before the exam or quiz.  Requests submitted less than 3 school days before the exam might not be able to be fulfilled.  Please plan ahead!

4.      If you have questions or concerns about alternate testing procedures, please contact BreAne Hampsher at or 507-786-3288.