Books in Alternate Format

Who uses alternate format texts?

  • Students whose documentation supports difficulty reading text in a typical way and who could benefit from having books in an audio format

What alternate format texts are available?

     Student Accessibility Services will determine which format is available.

  • Kurzweil – digital text read by a Kurzweil digital voice. This format may involve cutting the bind from your book, scanning the pages, and rebinding. The Kurzweil program is installed by Student Accessibility Services on your Mac or PC and allows you to look, listen, and highlight or make notes on your digital text. The installation will require a ½ hour appointment with the ASC once your books have been scanned.
  • LearningAlly – audio of your textbook, read by a human voice. Available on a PC or a Mac running Windows, as well as on any iDevice or registered DAISY player.

How can I prepare before each semester?

Be ahead of the game! If you’re early with your book requests, you will miss the mad rush at the beginning of the semester. You can beat the rush by ordering your books through the St. Olaf Big Package program or an outside vendor and having them delivered to the ASC.

    1.      Fill out a scan request, located within the Academic Support Center’s website (under Student Accessibility Services), or at this link.

    2.      Buy your books and deliver them (or have them delivered) to the ASC

    3.      Keep your original receipts, and bring them into the ASC with your books

    4.      Ask your professor to borrow an unbound copy of course packets and bring those to the ASC for scanning

The ASC will look through your request form to see if alternate texts are available before cutting the binding and scanning the book. Cutting the binding will be the last resort. If cutting is needed, the ASC will send your books to the Print Center to be rebound with spiral binding.


All textbooks will be returned to you.