Accommodations are determined on an individual basis, based on the limitations and recommendations listed in students’ documentation and a thorough discussion between the student and an accessibility specialist.

Typical accommodations include:

  • Extended time on exams

  • A separate, low-distraction room for exams
  • Acoustical attenuating earplugs for exams
  • Notetakers in class
  • The ability to record lectures
    • Learn more about the Livescribe Smartpen at this link: Smartpen
  • Alternate text formats (Kurzweil, Braille, etc.)
  • A reader and/or scribe on exams
  • Use of computer on exams
  • Priority registration
  • Support in breaking assignments into smaller parts

    Please note: We typically do not provide extensions on assignments as an accommodation.  We see this as being counterproductive in helping students learn time management, study strategies, etc.  We work with students to help problem-solve when special circumstances arise that may prevent turning assignments in on time.