Ten Commandments for Reading with Comprehension

1. Determine and expect to remember what you read.
2. Remember that reading is thinking with the author.
3. Concentrate; read while you read and do nothing else.
4. Read at varying rates, slowing down or speeding up as the difficulty or of the material dictates.
5. Look up words whose meanings you don’t know.
6. Investigate unfamiliar references and allusions.
7. Study accompanying diagrams, charts, graphs, and footnotes.
8. Look for main ideas; concentrate on chapter headings and topic sentences. (Reading is not primarily a matter of words and phrases. It is concerned with ideas. Look for them.)
9. As you read, make notes mentally or in your notebook.
10. Constantly practice summarizing (paraphrasing) each paragraph or main topic after you have read it. Do the same for a complete assignment.

--Harry Shaw, 30 Ways to Improve Your Grade.