Notetaker Process

Student Accessibility Services provides notetakers for students who are eligible for this accommodation.  Notetakers may be appropriate for students who experience barriers with physically writing, attentional issues, and/or processing speed.  Many students who have notetakers still take their own notes.  As with all other accommodations, this service is granted on an individual, case-by-case basis based on the student’s documentation and a thorough interview with a Student Accessibility Services Specialist.

Students who are eligible for notetakers may request a notetaker in one, some, or all of their courses each semester.  Some students like to wait until the class meets a few times to determine their need for a notetaker.  Please note that students who have notetakers are expected to attend class regularly, as is any other student.  Copied notes will not be provided to the student if he/she was not in class.

The Livescribe Smartpen is another option for students who are eligible for notetakers.  This pen records the class as the student takes notes.  Read more about the Smartpen here.

If you are a current student who is eligible to have notetakers and you would like to request a notetaker for this semester, please click here to fill out a request form.

Please contact BreAne Hampsher at with any questions about the notetaker process.