Communication with your Student Accessibility Specialist

How will I hear about things that are important?

  • E-mail is the official communication tool of the college and of Student Accessibility Services.
  • You will hear about notetaker assignments, alternate testing arrangements, audio texts, appointments, and other announcements through e-mail.
  • You can reach Connie Ford at or Laura Knobel-Piehl at

How do I stay on top of all the e-mail?

  • Check your e-mail at least twice each day.
  • Make a habit of responding to things right away so that they don’t pile up.
  • Once you’ve taken care of something, delete or archive the message.
  • Use the “task” function on Google Mail so that you can keep track of “to do” items that come to you by e-mail.

Do I use e-mail to make appointments?

  • We prefer that you call the ASC to schedule your appointments. Please call 507-786-3288 or stop in during office hours.