Subject Consulting at St Olaf

Requesting Help with a Course

If you desire better results in one or more of your courses, call 507-786-3288 or stop in at the ASC to make an appointment with one of the ASC’s Academic Strategists.  Your appointment will be with Ruth or Peder depending on which course(s) you cite.

After discussing strategies you are currently using, we’ll put together a plan appropriate for your situation.  The plan will usually include trying some new study strategies, and talking with an Learning Consultant about what works and what doesn’t work.   Study groups and departmental/course help sessions are also likely to be part of that plan. 

Occasionally, the plan includes individual subject consulting. In this case, a Learning Consultant or Subject Consultant will be assigned – usually for 3 hours per week.   Each consultant has been approved by his or her academic department, and has been trained by ASC staff.

Becoming a Subject Consultant

Being a Subject Consultant provides a great opportunity to share your enthusiasm and expertise with students who need a little boost – and you get paid! The areas with highest consultant-use are mathematics, foreign languages, and chemistry, but we accept applications to consult in any subject area. If you are interested in being employed as a consultant, please call the ASC at 507-786-3288 to start the application process.  We like to have consultants lined up with initial training completed in advance of consulting requests coming in.

Highest demand for consulting is usually in the following courses:

  • All Languages
  • Math 120, 126/128
  • Bio 125 - 126
  • Bio 231, 233
  • Bio 243
  • Chem 111, 121, 125, 126, 247, 248
  • Psych 125
  • Physics 124, 125
  • Music 111, 113, 112, 114, 211, 213, 212, 214, 241, 242
  • Econ 121, 233, 261, 262
  • Stats 110, 212, 263
  • Phil 240