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Student Accessibility Services

Verification of Disability Form

The student named below is requesting accommodations due to the impact of a disability. To evaluate that request, our office is requesting that the following form be completed by a qualified professional who has first-hand knowledge of the student's condition and is an impartial individual not related to the student.

The provision of reasonable accommodations is based on assessment reports and the current impact of the disability on academic performance.

It should be noted that academic accommodations are intended to ensure access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities, not to make adjustments that would fundamentally alter the nature of the course, course components, or course requirements.


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By checking this box, I verify that I am the certified professional stated above, and I verify that all information is correct according to the records on file. Date: 07/25/2014


Please attach any assessment reports and/or scores from any diagnostic tests that were used to support this diagnosis.


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Level of severity of the disorder:

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Description of symptoms:

Please describe the setting in which these symptoms have been most evident:

If this student is taking medication for the disability, describe the medication(s), side effects, and potential impact on academic work:

Impact of Condition on Educational Access

How does this condition currently limit this student's ability to learn or meet the expectations of a college environment?

Please provide any additional information you believe would be helpful so that we can provide effective service (e.g. threat to self or others, history of hospitalizations, any known effective academic interventions). Attach additional sheets as necessary and include results of related assessments.

Please list any recommended academic accommodations here.

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