Classroom Technology Resources on the Net

Educause is a non-profit association of colleges and universities devoted to the "intelligent use of information technology". The Educause Learning Initiative, while St. Olaf is not a member, does publish articles and links to information about learners, learning principles and practices, and learning technologies that faculty will find useful.

Apple has always been a leader in developing innovative ways to use computers in academic settings.  Their higher education website is devoted to helping faculty better use Apple Computers in their teaching.  Articles cover such topics as using computer-generated or edited movies to present material in the classroom.  PC users may even find the ideas presented here helpful.

Check-out the latest news on information technology in higher education at The Chronicle of Higher Education site.

The TLT (Teaching, Learning and Technology) Group, an affiliate of the American Association for Higher Education, provides a forum for discussing pitfalls and successes of classroom technology.  Subscribe to a newsletter or join a listserv discussion.  The site also includes articles, research, and information of TLT programs.

The website of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has links to on-line publications and the Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology website, which contains a searchable database of classroom technology studies.

T.H.E. (Technology Horizons in Education) Institute offers some good ideas and information on topics like virtual reality in the classroom and online lectures.

National Institute for Technology & Liberal Education is a community-based, non-profit initiative dedicated to helping undergraduate-centered colleges, universities, and educational organizations use technology effectively to strengthen undergraduate education.

Merlot is a free catalog of learning materials organized by discipline. Merlot states that its goal is "to improve the effectiveness of teaching & learning by increasing the quantity and quality of peer reviewed online learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty designed courses."