Frequently Asked Questions

St. Olaf Christmas Festival Simulcast
Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011

1. What is a Simulcast?

Simulcast is shorthand for "simultaneous broadcast." For this event it means that the live Sunday, December 4 performance of the St. Olaf Christmas Festival will be broadcasted live, in real time, to movie theaters across the nation.

2. Which theaters are showing the performance?

So far, 367 theaters have agreed to show the Simulcast in 46 different states.

3. Is it possible to add another theater location?

Unfortunately, no. Exact locations for the Christmas Festival Simulcast are determined by our Simulcast collaborator, National CineMedia.

4. What is the price per ticket?

$20 per adult; $16 per child.

5. How can I purchase tickets?

Visit a participating theater, or more simply, go online and order now.

6. What is an "Ole Theater"?

Ole Theaters are locations with active alumni or parent hosts. Local volunteers have chosen these theaters to be local gathering spots for area alumni , parents, and friends. Typically, an associated event will occur after the concert at a nearby restaurant or gathering space. Visit the Simulcast web page for more details.

7. I want to add an Ole Theater to my area. How do I do this?

Sounds great. Please contact Nathan Soland in the Alumni & Parent Relations Office.

8. Will programs be available?

Yes. St. Olaf will post a PDF of the Christmas Festival program prior to the Dec. 4 performance, which will allow participants to print and use at their convenience. Note: due to some copyright agreements, not all text, music, and information will be available in the online version.

9. How can I help advertise this special event?

Thanks for asking! St. Olaf would appreciate your marketing help. You can send the Simulcast Link: to all your friends and neighbors. You can put the Simulcast preview trailer on your Facebook page: You can pass out and post fliers. To obtain some, please contact Nathan Soland in the Alumni & Parent Relations Office.

10. Has St. Olaf done this before?

Yes. In 2007, the St. Olaf Christmas Festival was broadcasted to 196 theaters in 42 states.

11. How can I participate at the simulcast?

Please stand and sing as the congregation does at the event. Remember, this will be a live event, congregations in theaters across the country will be doing the same thing!

12. What Should I wear?

Many attendees of the Christmas Festival use it as an opportunity to dust off their traditional Norwegian sweaters. We encourage you to do the same!