May 2, 2021

Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Why have so many Bible stories, verses, and ideas been set to music? Because it just seems right. Jesus is "the True Vine", the Bible says, and singing those words seems to understand their poetic richness better than merely saying them. You’ll hear that musical richness on the next Sing For Joy. I hope you’ll be listening.


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Scriptures for this Program

  • (1R) Acts 8:26-40
  • (PS) Psalm 22:25-31
  • (2R) 1 John 4:7-21
  • (G) John 15:1-8

Jesus Christ the Apple TreeStanford Scriven / Anonymous, lyricist (G)
The St. Olaf Choir: Northfield, MN / Anton Armstrong
(CD) Rejoice, Give Thanks, and Sing / ST. OLAF RECORDS / E-3404/05
© 2011 St. Olaf Records, St. Olaf College 1520 St. Olaf Avenue, Northfield, MN, 55057, USA

I Am the True VineArvo Pärt (G)
The Tallis Scholars: Cambridge, United Kingdom / Peter Philips
(CD) Tintinnabuli / GIMELL / CDGIM 049
© 2015 Gimell, Bark Beetles, Beckley, Oxford, OX3 9UT, United Kingdom

Jesus Christ the Apple TreeColin Mawby / Anonymous, lyricist (G)
The Choirs of the Cathedral of St. Philip: Atlanta, GA / Dale Adelmann
(CD) Into the House and Gate of Heaven / GOTHIC / G-49291
© 2014 Gothic, Gothic Records, Inc. P.O. Box 414, Orcas, WA, 98280, USA

Rise up, my love, my fair oneHealey Willan (2R)
Polyphony / Stephen Layton
(CD) Beyond All Mortal Dreams: American A Cappella / HYPERION / CDA67832
© 2011 Hyperion, Hyperion Records Limited, P.O. Box 25, London, SE9 1AX, United Kingdom

Jesus Christ the Apple TreeElizabeth Poston / Anonymous, lyricist (G)
Indiana University Children's Chamber Choir: Bloomington, IN / The Pro Arte Singers / Paul Hillier
(CD) Traditional & Modern Carols / HARMONIA MUNDI / HCX 3957233
© 2002 Harmonia Mundi, 1117 Chestnut Street, Burbank, CA, 91506-1624, USA