Alexander Kechris Alexander S. Kechris obtained his undergraduate degree at the National Technical University of Athens (in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering) and his PhD degree in Mathematics from UCLA. He has been a C.L.E. Moore Instructor at MIT before going to Caltech, where he became Professor of Mathematics in 1981. He served as Executive Officer (chair) of the Department of Mathematics at Caltech from 1994 to 1997. His main interests are foundations of mathematics; mathematical logic and set theory; and their interactions with analysis. Recent projects include the study of foundational and set theoretic questions in analysis, and the application of the methodology and results of descriptive set theory to classical real analysis, harmonic analysis, dynamics, model theory, and infinite combinatorics. He has published over 90 papers and 3 books (two with coauthors) and has been co-editor of 6 other collections. He also serves in the editorial boards of 6 mathematical journals. He has been invited to speak to many mathematical conferences and colloquia around the world, including invited addresses at several Annual and European Annual Summer Meetings of the Assosiation for Symbolic Logic, and International Summer Symposia in Real Analysis. He gave invited addresses at the 1986 Annual Meeting of the Amer. Math. Society, the 1979 International Congress of Logic, Method. and Philosophy of Science, and a 45-minute invited address at the 1986 International Congress of Mathematicians. He also gave a series of lectures under the Distinguished Lecture Series Program at Indiana Univ. in 1990 and a Millican Lecture at Univ. of North Texas in 1999. He was an A.P. Sloan Foundation Fellow from 1978 to 1982 . He was awarded an Honorary Doctoral Degree form the Univ. of Athens in 1987 and in 1998 he was Godel Lecturer at the Annual Meeting of the Assoc. for Symbolic Logic.

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