Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXIII
"The Lodz Symposium"

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Lodz University and Lodz Technical University together with the Real Analysis Exchange are organizing Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXIII. The organizing committee consists of: W. Wilczynski (chairman), M. Balcerzak, J. Hejduk, E. Lazarow, R.J. Pawlak, E. Wagner-Bojakowska, S. Lindner (secretary). Five invited (one-hour) lectures will be presented by the following professors:

Several 20 minutes communications are planned during the conference. The conference will highlight the %organizers expect presentation of the latest developments in various branches of real analysis by specialists from many countries. Also, young researchers and graduate students working in that area are particularly welcome to participate. Lodz is considered to be a strong European center of real function theory. In the past, Professors Z. Zahorski, T. Swiatkowski and J. Lipinski worked there, and began a tradition of strength in that area. This tradition is now continued by their pupils. In recent years one could observe active cooperation between researchers of real analysis in Lodz with specialists from a variety of foreign institutions. For the duration of the symposium a lecture hall has been reserved in the building of Mathematics Department of Lodz University (st. Banacha 22). The university itself is conveniently located in the center of the city. Participants will be housed at the close-by University Conference Center (st. Kopcinskiego 16/18) which has both double and (a limited number of) single rooms. Meals will be served in the same facility. Conference Center guests are expected to arrive on Sunday afternoon, June 20. One day or half a day of the conference will be devoted to an excursion. The organizers also plan a problem session and a banquet during which a distinguished mathematician working in real analysis will be awarded by traditional `` Andy.''

The expenses of the conference are the following:

  1. Conference fee ..... 60 USD
  2. Accommodation .... approx. 20 USD (single room) 15 USD (double room) per day
  3. Board ................ approx. 10 USD per day
  4. Banquet ............. approx. 20 USD
  5. Excursion ........... approx. 30 USD
Lodz University requires the conference fee to be paid prior to May 20, 1999. Funds may be wired to the following bank account prior to the conference:

BANK GRUPA PKO SA II O/ Lodz ............ 0801154-5555-300-80300.

While wiring money please add: ``SUMMER SYMPOSIUM IN REAL ANALYSIS'' to your transfer information. Cheques (but not Eurocheques) will also be accepted; cheques should be made payable to ``Lodz University for the Summer Symposium in Real Analysis'' and sent to the {\it Conference Secretary} whose address can be found below. The deadline for receipt of the Conference Fee is May 20, 1999, but in exceptional cases, conference fee may be paid in cash at the beginning of the conference.

The Internet address,

contains a map of Lodz and the University Conference Center can be located close to the crossing of streets Kop\-ci\'n\-skie\-go and Jaracza. The Mathematics Department is located close to the crossing of streets Banacha and Matejki (those places can be found in sector 59 of the map.) Directions to the Mathematics Department can also be found at:
At the beginning of June the organizers will e-mail a new schedule of train and bus trips between Warsaw and Lodz.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Lodz. On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Marek Balcerzak (
Wladyslaw Wilczynski (

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or writing to the secretary of the conference:

Sebastian Lindner
Department of Mathematics
Lodz University
ul. Stefana Banacha 22
90-238 Lodz, Poland
fax: (48-42)635-42-66

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