Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXIII
"Train Information"

There is a new schedule of trains in Poland. Probably people are interested in it. We promised to send the schedule of trains going from Warsaw to Lodz and back to all participants, but it is technically difficult as there are several trains on that line (every 2 hours durin day). More complete information can be found at the address
(but, unfortunately it is in Polish). <.P A list trains from Warsaw to Lodz Fabryczna (that station is rather close to the hotel):
Warsaw-Lodz Fabr. 4.59-7.00, 6.53-8.46, 8.45-10.45, 10.45-12.45, 12.45-14.45, 14.55-16.37, 16.55-18.45, 18.52-20.45, 20.51-22.34.
There are also some trains from warsaw going to other two railway stations in Lodz and there is a bus (called POLSKI EXPRESS) going from the Warsaw airport to Lodz every 2 hours during day (more detailed information at the airport).

Any questions can be emailed to the organizers. We plan to organize mini-buses or even private cars to take participants from the Warsaw airport on Sunday, June 20, but we do not yet have complete information about arrivals

Sebastian Lindner
Department of Mathematics
Lodz University
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