Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXXIX
"The Cows and Colleges Symposium"

St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, USA
June 8-13, 2015

The Thirty-Ninth Summer Symposium in Real Analysis (The Cows and Colleges Symposium) was held at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN from June 8 through June 13, 2015. The symposium's co-directors were Paul Humke and Bruce Hanson. We would like to thank St. Olaf College, particularly Patty Martinez for keeping everything running smoothly. For generous financial support thanks go to the NSF (DMS 1501013) and the Google Corporation, and specifically for the help of Jim Larson and Tilman Achberger. We were also thankful to have the gracious and tireless help of students Ben Bruce, Ben Hacker, Nick Rekuski, Jeremy Storvick, Cameron Wright, Alan Chang, Liyang Liu, and Jen Crawford.

In addition to the formal mathematical program, time was set aside for research collaboration. Then, on Thursday, participants travelled to Fort Snelling and toured (and shopped at) the Mall of America.

This year's "ANDY'' was awarded to a shocked, but grateful Andy Bruckner . Congratulations, Andy!

The conference featured invited one-hour plenary addresses by:

MARIANNA CSÖRNYEI(University of Chicago)
ALEXANDER OLEVSKII (University of Tel Aviv)
MIKLÓS LACZKOVICH (Eötvös Lorand University)
R. DANIEL MAULDIN (North Texas University)
Z. BUCZOLICH (Eötvös Lorand University)

as well as twenty-seven contributed talks. Following the participant list is the program of the Symposium, and then the summaries of the talks. The editorial board of the EXCHANGE wishes to thank the speakers for preparing these summaries.


Yury Andreev, Jack Brown, Jane Brown, Ben Bruce, Andy Bruckner, Judy Bruckner, Zoltan Buczolich, Alan Chang, Krzysztof Chris Ciesielski, Barry Cipra, Don Cohn, Linda Cohn, Deborah Cool, Marianna Csörnyei, Emma D'Aniello, Mike Evans, Emmie Faure, Jim Foran, Chris Freiling, Ben Hacker, Bruce Hanson, Paul D. Humke, Pankaj Jain, Seung uk Jang, Max Jodeit, Jun Kawabe, Martin Koc, Eddy Kwessi, Miklós Laczkovich, Liyang Liu, María Guadalupe Morales Macías, Patty Martinez, Dan Mauldin, Harry I. Miller, Paul Musial, Kirill Naralenkov, Togo Nishiura, Eleanor Nishiura, Sasha Olevskii, Sophia Olevskii, Pamela Pierce, Patrick Reardon, Peter Rejto, Nick Rekuski, Trevor Richards, Alain Riviere, Jean Roelke, T H Steele, Jeremy Storvick, Tatiana Sworowska, Piotr Sworowski , Brian S Thomson, Julia Wodka, Cameron Wright, Ondrej Zindulka, Paul Zorn.


Pictured above are the participants of the Thirty-Ninth Summer Symposium in Real Analysis.

After the presentation of the 2015 "Andy," Andy displays his "award."

Cows and Colleges Picture Potpourri - 2015

Mathematicians can also be musicians!


All sessions were held in Room 210 of the Regents Hall of Natural Sciences at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.

MONDAY, June 8

17:30-20:30       Arrival Day and Reception at Humke's

TUESDAY, June 9 Morning Session 1 (Chair - P. Humke)

9:00-9:30      Opening, Announcements, and Introductions

9:30-10:30       A. Olevskii
                  Fourier Quasicrystals

10:30-11:00       Coffee Break

TUESDAY Morning Session 2 (Chair-Z. Buczolich-)

11:00-11:30       C. Ciesielski
                  An Auto-Homeomorphism of a Cantor set with Zero Derivative Everywhere

11:45-13:00       Open Athletic Facilities

13:00      Lunch and Scheduled Research Time

TUESDAY Afternoon Session 1 (Chair - P. Pierce)

15:30-16:00       J. Kawabe
                   The Weak Topology of Nonadditive Measures based on Nonlinear Integral Functionals

16:10-16:40       P. Musial
                   Integration By Parts for the Lp Henstock Kurzweil Integral

16:50-17:20       E. Kwessi
                   Generalizing of Lipschitz Spaces

17:30-18:00       P. Jain
                    Extrapolation Inequalities in Spaces of Lebesgue Type

19:00-20:30       Problem Session

WEDNESDAY, June 10 Morning Session 1 (Chair - A. Bruckner)

9:30-10:30       M. Csörnyei
                   Tangents of Curves and Differentiability of Functions

10:30-11:00      Coffee Break

WEDNESDAY Morning Session 2 (Chair - J. Foran )

11:00-11:30       B. Hanson
                   Differentiability and the lip f Function

11:45-13:00       Open Athletic Facilities

13:00      Lunch and Scheduled Research Time

WEDNESDAY Afternoon Session 1 (Chair - M. Evans )

15:30-16:00       E. D'Aniello
                   Iterated Function Schemes and their Attractors

16:10-16:40       T. H. Steele
                   Attractors for Various Classes of Iterated Function Systems

16:50-17:20       M. Macias
                   Relations between Fourier Transform on HK space and Lp

17:30-18:00       Y. Andreev
                    Snakeness of Monotone Functions

THURSDAY, June 11 Morning Session 1 (Chair - Jack Brown )

9:30-10:30       M. Laczkovich
                  The Kakeya Problem for Circular Area and the System of Graph-Null Sets

10:30-11:00       Coffee Break

THURSDAY Morning Session 2 (Chair - P. Reardon )

11:00-11:30      C. Freiling

THURSDAY Afternoon

14:00-22:00       Excursion to Fort Snelling and Mall of America

FRIDAY, June 12 Morning Session 1 (Chair - T. Nishiura )

9:30-10:30       D. Mauldin
                  Some Problems from the Scottish Book– Solved, Partially Solved, and Unsolved

10:30-11:00       Coffee Break

FRIDAY Morning Session 2 ( Chair - T. Sworowska )

11:00-11:30       T. Richards
                  Problem 157 from the Scottish Book

11:40- 12:10       H. Miller
                  Sets – Big or Small?

11:45-13:00       Open Athletic Facilities

13:00      Lunch and Scheduled Research Time

FRIDAY Afternoon Session ( Chair - P. Musial)

15:00-15:30       A. Chang and T. Nishiura
                    Problem Session Solution

15:30-16:00       A. Riviere
                   Derivatives of Prevalent Non-decreasing Functions

16:10-16:40       J. Wodka
                   Comparison of Some Families of Real FUnctions in Sense of Porosity

16:50-17:20       P. Sworowski
                   On Riemann-type Characterization of the Wide Denjoy Integral

18:30       Banquet

SATURDAY, June 13 Morning Session 1 (Chair - Y. Andeev )

9:30-10:30       Z. Buczolich
                  Convergence of Ergodic Averages for Many Group Rotations

10:30-11:00       Coffee Break

SATURDAY Morning Session 2 ( Chair - E. D'Aniello )

11:00-11:30       P. Pierce
                  A Riemann Type Theorem for Segmentally Alternating Series

11:40- 12:10       K. Naralenkov
                  Some Comments on Scalar Differentiation of Vector-Valued Functions

12:20 - 12:50       O. Zindulka
                  Mapping Metric Spaces onto Cubes by Nice Mappings

Symposium Closing