James Yorke (University of Maryland – College Park)

Professor Yorke earned his bachelors degree from Columbia University and his doctoral degree in mathematics from the University of Maryland at College Park where his academic careercontinues today as Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology. Professor Yorke has done extensive research in areas ranging from stability of ordinary differential equations and modeling the growth processes of contagious diseases to a vast array of areas in the field of chaotic dynamics. Professor Yorke is perhaps best known to the general public for coining the mathematical term ?chaos? with T. Y. Li in a classic paper entitled Period three implies chaos. He received the Guggenheim fellowship in 1980. In addition to more than two hundred publications in mathematical and physical journals, Professor Yorke coauthored three books on chaos and a monograph on gonorrhea epidemiology. He has also supervised approximately 15 Ph. D. dissertations in the Departments of Mathematics and Physics.