Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXXVI
"The Liberty Bell Symposium"

Pennsylvania State University, Berks, PA
June 25-30, 2012

The Thirty-Sixth Summer Symposium in Real Analysis (The Liberty Bell Symposium) was hosted by Penn State University -- Berks and the Real Analysis Exchange , June 25 - 30, 2012. The Editorial Board of the EXCHANGE wishes to express its gratitude to the administration, faculty and staff of Penn State-- Berks for their gracious hospitality and to the conference director and local organizer, Ali Alikhani-Koopai , for his outstanding leadership in organizing and conducting this symposium. Your tireless attention to detail was critical to creating the intellectually stimulating environment of the conference. Thank you! In addition to the formal mathematical program, time was set aside for research collaboration and a quite exciting Saturday afternoon problem session. On Thursday afternoon, the symposium participants travelled to Philadelphia for a tour of the historic districts, highlighted by a visit to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. This years ``ANDY'' was awarded to a shocked but grateful Hajrudin Fejzić . Congratulations, Hajrudin!

The conference featured invited one-hour addresses by:


as well as twenty-nine contributed talks. Following the participant list is the program of the Symposium, and then the summaries of the talks. The editorial board of the EXCHANGE wishes to thank the speakers for preparing these summaries.


Ali Alikhani, Mohamad Ansari, Zoltan Buczolich, Krzysztof Ciesielski, Marek Cuth, Emma D'Aniello, Martin Dolezal, Hajrudin Fejzić, Dilip Ganguly, Tim Glatzer, Paul Humke, Judith Kardos, Martin Koc, Zdeněk Ko\v{c}an, Vinod Kumar, Eddy Kwessi, Cameron Marcott, Cesar Martinez-Garza, Paul Musial, Togo Nishiura, Lenka Obadalova, Bruce ONeil, Duson Pokorny, Martin Rmoutil, Alice Shaparenko, Pioter Sworowski, Erik Talvila, Yang Wang, Clifford Weil, Ondřej Zindulka.


Pictured above are the participants of the Thirty-Sixth Summer Symposium in Real Analysis.

Waiting at Independence Hall

A bewildered Hajrudin Fejzić with the 2012 ``Andy.''

Ali presents this year's ``Andy.''}

Liberty Bell Picture Potpouri - 2012


All scientific sessions were held in Room 121 of the Gaige Innovation and Technology Building

MONDAY, June 25

16:00-19:30      Registration
                  Woods Recidence Hall Lobby

19:30-22:00      Reception Dinner
                  Multiple Purpose Room, Student Center

TUESDAY, June 26 Morning Session (Chair - Paul Humke)

9:00      A. Alikhani and P. Humke
                  Opening Remarks and Announcements

9:10      Dr. Keith Hillkirk, Chancellor of Penn State Berks
             Dr. Paul Esqueda, Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
             Dr. Pradip Bandyopadhyay, Science Division Head
                  Welcome to Berks!

9:30       Yang Wang
                  Peano curves for fractals

10:30       Refreshments

11:00       Hajrudin Fejzić
                  Convex functions and Peano derivatives

TUESDAY Afternoon (Chair - Erik Talvila)

14:30       Ondřej Zindulka
                  Recent progress in the theory of monotonic metric spaces

15:30       Refreshments

16:00       Timothy Glatzer
                  Linearly continuous functions regularity and generalization

16:30       Marek Cuth
                  Separable reduction theorems by the elementary method of submodels

WEDNESDAY, June 27 Morning Session (Chair - Clifford Weil)

9:00       Zoltán Buczolich
                  Level set structure of real functions

10:00       Refreshments

10:30       Martin Koc
                  Differentiable extensions from closed subsets of Rn$

11:00       Krzysztof Ciesielski
                  Continuous, differentiable, and twice functions: How big are the gaps between these classes?

WEDNESDAY Afternoon Session (Chair - Togo Nishiura)

14:30       Erik Talvila
                  Fourier series with the continuous primitive integral

15:30       Refreshments

16:00       Dilip K. Ganguly
                  On subseries of double series

16:20       Eddy Kwessi
                  Atomic decomposition of Lorentz-Bochner spaces and applications

THURSDAY, June 28 Morning Session (Chair - Ondřej Zindulka)

9:00      Emma ~D'Aniello
                  On topological chaos

10:00       Refreshments

10:30       Zdeněk Ko\v{c}an
                  On some properties of discrete systems on dendrites

THURSDAY      Afternoon Excursion to Historic Philadelphia

FRIDAY, June 29 Morning Session (Chair - Hajrudin Fejzić)

9:00       Paul Humke
                  A plethora of high dimensional attractors

10:00       Refreshments

10:30       Lenka Obadalová
                  Counterexamples to the open problem on the minimal center of attractions

11:00       Martin Rmoutil
                  Porosity is separably determined

FRIDAY Afternoon Session

14:30-17:30       Scheduled Research Group Time

19:00 -22:00       Banquet
                  Multi Purpose Room, Student Center

SATURDAY, June 30 Morning Session (Chair - Paul Musial)

9:00       Dusan Pokorny        
                  Geometry of delta convex surfaces

9:30       Vinod Kumar Bhardwaj
                  Cesáro summable difference sequence spaces

10:00       Refreshments

10:30       Cameron Marcott
                   Stacking squares

11:00       Ali Alikhani
                    On the set of periodic points of continuous and continuously differentiable self-maps of intervals

SATURDAY Afternoon Session

14:30-16:30       Open Research Problems

16:30       Conference Closing and Announcement of Next Years Venue
                    Sao Paulo, Brazil -- June, 2013