Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXXIII
"Tall Grass Prairie Symposium"

Southeastern Oklahoma State University
JUNE 23-27, 2009

January 12, 2010

The Thirty-Third Summer Symposium in Real Analysis (The Tall Grass Prairie Symposium) was hosted by Southeastern Oklahoma State University, June 23--27, 2009. The Editorial Board of the EXCHANGE wishes to express its gratitude to Southeastern for its gracious hospitality and to the conference director, Patrick Reardon, for his outstanding leadership in organizing and conducting this symposium. We'd also like to give a special thank you to the students who did so much to make our stay enjoyable, Sarah Sprague (St. Olaf College) and Julie Aultman, Ryan Favors, Kevin Faulk and Cayce Roark (Southeastern). Furthermore, both Patrick and the Editorial Board sincerely thank The National Science Foundation which supported this conference under Grant No. 0909998. We also are warmly appreciative of the Gibson Fund and Southeastern for their financial and administrative support of Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXXIII.

In addition to the formal mathematical program, time was set aside for research collaboration and a problem session. On Thursday afternoon, the symposium participants were treated to an informative and entertaining excursion to the nearby Headquarters and Museum of the Chickasaw Nation.

On Friday afternoon, the participants honored Jack Brown of Auburn University for his many contributions to the real analysis community. "Testimonials" were given by Udayan Darji and Patrick Reardon, two of Jack's Ph.D. students at Auburn University. A slideshow of action pictures of Jack and Jane at previous symposia and mini-conferences was shown and presented to Jack who was (reluctantly) in attendance.

At the traditional Friday evening banquet, Conference Director Reardon awarded the ``ANDY'' to Ondřej Zindulka who was overcome with irrational exuberance at the announcement. Congratulations, Ondřej!

The conference featured invited one-hour addresses by:


as well as fifteen contributed talks. Following the participant list is the program of the Symposium, and then the summaries of the talks. The editorial board of the EXCHANGE wishes to thank the speakers for preparing these summaries.


Linda Akpu, Yurij Andreev, Jack Brown, Jane Brown, Svetlana Butler, Bishweshwar Choudary, Emma D'Aniello, Udayan Darji, Mártin Elekes, Michael Evans, Jack Grahl, Paul, Humke, Steve Jackson, Ken Kellum, Samaila Kupongoh-Sylvanus, Veerabhadraiah Lokesha, Laurent Moonens, Paul Musial, Togo Nishiura, Lenka Obadalová, Innocent Opara, Dokubo Osuo-Siseken, Patrick Reardon, Jaroslav Smítal, Sarah Sprague, T.H. Steele, Václav Vlasák, Woodford Zachary, Ondřej Zindulka.


Pictured above are the participants of the Thirty-Third Summer Symposium in Real Analysis.

Pat presents this years Andy to an astonished, yet deserving Ondřej Zindulka. Later Ondřej contemplates the aura of the Andy

Jack and Jane Brown at the Jack Celebration while Mike and Susan Evans, Emma D'Aniello and Sarah Sprague analyze the proceedings.

Additional pictures of the SUMMER SYMPOSIUM XXXIII can be found at


WEDNESDAY Morning Session (Chair - Paul Humke)

Welcoming Remarks by Conference Director Patrick Reardon

9:00      U. Darji
                  Applications of the Baire Category Theorem to three topics

10:10       L. Moonens
                  Mean Value Theorems for tangential derivatives

10:35       K. Kellum
                  Functions that separate XxR

11:10       M. Evans
                  Analogs of Young's characterization of Baire one, Darboux functions

11:35       Y. Andreev
                  Note about nondifferentiable extensions of real functions

WEDNESDAY Afternoon Session (Chair - Paul Musial)

13:10       T.H. Steele
                  Adding machines and typical behavior of continuous self-maps of manifolds, Part I

13:35       E. D'Aniello
                  Adding machines and typical behavior of continuous self-maps of manifolds, Part II

14:10       O. Zindulka
                  Monotone spaces and nearly Lipschitz maps

14:35       W. Zachary
                  Lebesgue measure on a version of R

THURSDAY Morning Session (Chair - Udayan Darji)

09:00       M. Elekes, The 2009 GIBSON Lecturer
                  Hausdorff measures, Cantor sets, typical continuous functions and set theory

10:10       S. Butler
                  Large deviations for martingales and derivatives

10:35       J. Grahl
                  Convergence for the random Riemann integral

11:10      P. Musial
                  New results for the Lr Henstock-Kurzweil integral

11:35       B. Choudhary
                  Lacunary l-convergent sequences

FRIDAY Morning Session (Chair - Ondřej Zindulka)

09:00       S. Jackson       
                  Countable Borel equivalence relations, markers and group colorings

10:10       V. Vlasak
                  Classes of H1 and H2 sets have different polars

10:35       L. Obadalová
                  Distributional chaos and irregular recurrence

11:10       J. Smítal
                  Distributional chaos and topological entropy