Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXXIII
"The Tall Grass Prairie Symposium"

Steve Jackson
University of North Texas

Steve Jackson received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1983 under the supervision of Donald Martin. Upon graduation he was a Van Vleck Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison for three years, a two year IBM Research Fellow at the California Institute of Technology and then three years as a National Science Foundation Research Fellow at the California Institute of Technology . In 1984 he was awarded the Victoria Delfino Prize for his calculation of δ51. Presently he is Regents Professor of Mathematics at the University of North Texas.

Professor Jackson has had numerous grants from the National Science Foundation and other sources in support of his research program in descriptive set theory. He has given invited and supported addresses at a wide range of meetings including a three lecture tutorial at the European Summer Association of Symbolic Logic meeting in July, 2007 in Wroclaw, Poland, the Ninth International Workshop on Set Theory, Marseilles-Luminy in September of 2006, the International Conference in Set Theory in Oberwolfach, Germany during December of 2005 and was the plenary speaker at the 2004 annual meeting of the Association of Symbolic Logic held at Carnegie-Mellon.

His mathematical interests are wide ranging and deep with papers including work on partitions and Steinhaus type problems, countable Abelian group actions, classification of cardinals and ordinals, and Borel equivalences and selections.

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