St. Olaf ShieldTime Entry System


Help Instructions for Supervisors/Approvers

  1. Go to the Time Entry System (TES) at
    You can also reach it by going to the St. Olaf home page, clicking on Faculty/Staff, and then in the left-hand column under "Administrative Tools," select Time Entry System or the image below:
  2. Use your St. Olaf login and password to access TES and click Login.
  3. The initial page lists current employees/students for whom you are listed as the supervisor. If you supervisor both bi-weekly and student employees, you will need to select an option from the left-hand menu, either "Student Timecards" or "Bi-Weekly Timecards."
  4. You may sort and filter the page of people working for you. The video below demonstrates this for you. For best viewing, maximize the video player (the icon that looks like four corners around a button, immediately before the “screen” logo).

    Essentially, you can enter whatever term you want in the filter box at the upper right-hand corner, whether it’s a job title, someone’s name, etc., and only rows that match that will appear. Then you can sort by clicking on any of the column headings (title, employee, start or end date, rate, current hours). Clicking again reverses the order (e.g. A > Z or Z > A).

  5. Click on a current employee’s name to view their timecards.
  6. Click on the Pay Period to view that timecard. You can do this at any time during the pay period.
    We encourage you to do this to ensure employees are completing their timecard as they work.
  7. Once your employee has signed the timecard, you will get an email reminding you to approve the timecard.
  8. It will appear under "Needs Action" when you log into TES.

    You should make sure you view the timecard before approving it. Click on the View link.

  9. If the employee has entered anything into the comments box for this time card, that will appear at the bottom. Notes may include explanations for extra or missing hours.
  10. If you wish to change the time format that you timecards in, click on Preferences from the left-hand column. Select the time format you prefer and click Save.
  11. To approve a timecard, check the Approval checkbox and then click Approve. When you approve the student’s timecard, it will be sent to Payroll for payment. Approval may also be done immediately from the "Needs Action" box by clicking on the Approve link.
  12. You can reject the timecard if you see errors. If you reject the timecard, you must enter the reason for the rejection.
  13. An email will be sent to the employee automatically notifying them of the rejection.

    The supervisor cannot make the corrections; corrections must be made by the employee. You will not be able to approve the timecard until the employee makes the corrections and re-signs it.

  14. The timecard is sent back to the employee to make corrections. Once the timecard is corrected, the employee needs to re-sign the timecard, which will be sent back to the supervisor for approval. The supervisor will receive another email notification that the timecard needs action, that of being approved. You may reject the timecard as often as needed. Once approved, the timecard is sent to Payroll for payment.
  15. Alternate Approver: If you are unavailable to approve timecards when due, you should designate an alternate approver. Click on the add link after selecting a job.
  16. Enter the username of the employee who is your alternate approver.

    "Non-St. Olaf User:" This does not apply to most supervisors; it is meant for students who work off-campus.

    The alternate approver will receive an email notifying them that they are an alternate approver.

  17. Deliberate falsification of an employee timesheet is considered misconduct and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

    Updated September 2021