COO of NERA Economics Consulting
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Friday, April 19, 2013
at 3:30 PM
Holland Hall, 501
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Anthony Becker


Dr. Beutel specializes in intellectual property (IP) economics, antitrust analysis, and evaluating commercial damages. In his IP practice, he has conducted research and prepared expert reports for patent, trademark, and copyright infringement disputes, false and misleading advertising cases, and matters requiring the valuation of intangible assets for business dissolution proceedings, compliance with Financial Accounting Standards Board standards, or determining intracompany transfer prices. He has also assessed the commercial success of patented innovations in connection with invalidity claims.

In his antitrust and commercial damages practices, Dr. Beutel has assessed liability and damages in disputes related to, for example, tying, predatory pricing, price discrimination, monopolization, vertical restraints, and breaches of contract. He has also assessed the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions, as well as issues relating to impact and damages in class action litigation.

In both his antitrust and IP practices, Dr. Beutel has experience critiquing damage models, applying econometric and statistical methods, and designing and providing economic analysis of consumer surveys.

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