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Other Programs

Term In China (Fall Semester or Spring Semester)
An exchange agreement enables participants to spend Fall Semester living in the foreign students' residence hall and studying at East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai, People's Republic of China. Students receive four credits: two in Chinese language and two for subjects taught in English by ECNU faculty (courses such as "Modern Chinese History"and "20th Century Chinese Literature").

Study/Service Programs
The study/service programs of St. Olaf combine an enriched learning experience through immersion in a local culture with the singular opportunity to make a direct contribution to the community through a service project coordinated by the host institution. Through a creative integration of service and study, participants earn three or four credits for a semester program and four or five credits for a semester and Interim program. The student develops a course prospectus for each credit; approval is contingent upon appropriateness to the student's general program at St. Olaf and to the resources of the host institution.

Indonesia (Interim and Spring Semester)
Programs in Indonesia are currently suspended due to political unrest in the country.

Nommensen University (Siantar or Medan, Sumatra, Republic of Indonesia)
This program on the island of Sumatra immerses students in the life of the Bataks. Students work as teaching assistants in the English Department at Nommensen University. The program includes an on-site introduction to Batak culture and Indonesian life. Tutorials or independent studies are arranged in any available discipline with faculty of Nommensen University or with a St. Olaf faculty member.

Satya Wacana Christian University (Salatiga, Java, Republic of Indonesia)
The program in Salatiga, Java, provides students with an opportunity to study Indonesian culture and history with special attention to Java. Students work as teaching assistants in the English Department while studying Javanese culture and Indonesian life and/or doing tutorials or independent study in a variety of disciplines.

Biology in South India (Fall Semester)
After a four-week study and orientation session in Chennai which exposes them to India and Indian life, biology majors undertake projects in mountain ecology, rural health, leprosy, fisheries, elephant conservation and restoration, parasite- and vector- transmitted diseases or holistic health care.

Luther Theological Seminary in Seoul, South Korea (Fall Semester/Interim or Spring Semester)
Students assist in the English language courses at Luther Theological Seminary in Seoul, Korea, as teaching assistants and conversation partners, while receiving an intensive introduction to Korean culture and civilization. Korean language study is encouraged.

Student Teaching Abroad (Fall Semester)
Under the direction of licensed teachers, participants can complete student teaching assignments in these international schools:

  • Kodaikanal International School, India
  • Seoul Foreign School, South Korea
  • Woodstock International School, India
  • Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong