Please note: This is NOT the most current catalog.

Interim Courses

Off-campus courses, both international and in the United States, are offered during the January Interim. They vary from year to year. Details are available in the off-campus Interims brochure published each spring and in the Interims announcement printed in mid-fall. The following programs will be offered in January 2014:

Africa and the Middle East

  • French 235: French Language and Moroccan Culture in FES
  • ID 238: Religion and Politics in Egypt
  • Religion 272: Sacred Places in Greece and Turkey


  • Asian Studies 215: Asian Conversation II: Encountering Asia
  • Economics 218: Economic Progress in China
  • Interdisciplinary: Development & Community in Bangladesh (HECUA)
  • Psychology 223: Exploring India - Human Development in Cross-Cultural Context


  • Classics 251: Classical Studies in Greece
  • French 275: Interdisciplinary French Studies in Paris
  • Interdisciplinary 249: Mare Balticum
  • Interdisciplinary 258: Theater in London
  • Mathematics 239: Number Theory - Budapest
  • Political Science 240: Changing Political Identities in Coastal Central Europe
  • Religion 262: Catholic Rome, Lutheran Wittenberg
    • (See also Religion 272 under Middle East)
  • Spanish 270: Spain's Cultural and Linguistic Legacy


  • Education 378: Multicultural Education in Hawaii

Middle East

  • Interdisciplinary 238: Religion and Politics in Egypt
  • Religion 272: Sacred Places in Greece and Turkey

North America

  • Art 246: Manhattan Interim in New York City
  • Chemistry 260: Medicinal Chemistry in Jamaica
  • Education 170: Urban Schools and Communities
  • EE280: Introduction to Electrical Circuits (Washington U St. Louis)
  • Interdisciplinary 255: The Physician in Clinical & Hospital Health Care

South and Central America

  • Biology 284: Peruvian Medical Experience
  • Biology 286: Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica
  • Biology 288: Equatorial Biology in Ecuador
  • English 212: Literature of the Eastern Caribbean
  • History 244: Revolutionary Cuba
  • Interdisciplinary: Social and Political Transformation In Ecuador (HECUA)
  • Spanish 233: Intermediate Spanish II in Ecuador
  • Spanish 234: Intermediate Spanish II in Costa Rica