Please note: This is NOT the most current catalog.


  • Students must meet the application requirements for both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degree programs.

  • Students engage in professional study in music and study in the liberal arts, leading to both Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts degrees.

  • The duration of the double-degree option may vary among disciplines but will be less than the sum of the durations of both degree programs if undertaken separately. For most students, pursuit of a double-degree option will require five years of study. It should be noted that in a few cases (notably when the B.A. graduation major is in the natural sciences) completion of all requirements in five years may not be possible.

  • Students pursuing the double-degree option may choose between the five Bachelor of Music graduation majors (Church Music, Elective Studies, Music Education, Performance, and Theory/Composition) and any of the Bachelor of Arts graduation majors except Music.

  • Students shall meet the requirements for the B.A. graduation major and B.M. graduation major, as well as the general education requirements and general graduation requirements for the two degrees. Note that degree requirements completed for one degree also count toward the corresponding requirements in the other degree. To cite one example only, a course that fulfills one of the two HWC requirements for the B.A. can also fulfill the requirement of one HWC course for the B.M. degree.

  • The final two years of coursework in pursuit of the degrees must be spent in residence. 17 of the last 20 full-course credits must be earned through St. Olaf. Some students may require up to 43 total credits in order to complete all requirements for both degrees.

  • Students required to continue study in a fifth year to complete two degrees are eligible for continuing financial aid from St. Olaf College.

  • A double-degree student may elect to graduate in two different semesters, one with each degree, but must meet all requirements for the degree and the graduation major within that degree before the diploma for that degree will be awarded.

  • Graduating double-degree students receive two diplomas, one for each degree.