Please note: This is NOT the most current catalog.

Interim Courses

Off-campus courses, both international and in the United States, are offered during the January Interim. They vary from year to year and require an application. The following programs will be offered in January 2015. Course descriptions, fees, and application instructions are available online at

Africa and the Middle East

  • French 235: French Language and Culture in Morocco (GE: FOL-F, MCG)
  • History 256: Slavery in West Africa: Ghana (GE: MCG, ORC)
  • Mathematics 218: Geometry and Decorative Art in Morocco (GE: AQR, MCG, ORC)
  • Religion 271: Historical Geography and the Bible in the Holy Land (GE: HWC)
  • Social Work 280: Social Realities in South Africa (GE: MCG)


  • Asian Studies 215: Asian Conversations - Encountering Asia
    (Open only to students in the Asian Conversation)
  • Asian Studies/Environmental Studies 277: Environmental Sustainability in Japan (GE: MCG)
  • Asian Studies/History 262: National Identity and Ethnicity in China (GE: MCG)
  • Sociology/Anthropology 232: Thailand: Cultural, Institutions and Interactions (GE: MCG, ORC)


  • Art 106: Drawing from Nature in the Bahamas (GE: ALS-A)
  • Biology 287: Island Biology in the Bahamas

cEntral american

  • Spanish 234: Intermediate Spanish II in Costa Rica (GE: FOL-S, MCG)
  • Europe

    • Art 255: Italian Art in Context (GE: ALS-A)
    • Classics 251: Classical Studies in Greece (GE: HWC, ALS-A)
    • German 234: German in Vienna (GE: FOL-G)
    • Interdisciplinary 258: Theater in London (GE: ALS-A)
    • Mathematics 239: Number Theory in Budapest
    • Music OFFC 192: The Music and Culture of Norway (GE: ALS-A)
    • Political Science 234: World Courts in Europe
    • Religion 262: Catholic Rome, Lutheran Wittenberg (GE: BTS-T)
    • Spanish 270: Spain's Cultural and Linguistic Legacy (GE: ORC)

    North America

    • Education 170: Schools and Urban Communities (GE: MCD)
    • EE 280: Introduction to Electrical Circuits
    • History 278: Civil War and Civil Rights in History and Memory (GE: HWC, MCD)
    • Interdisciplinary 255: The Physician in Clinical & Hospital Health Care
    • Nursing 140: Health and Social Inequality: Rural and Urban Perspectives (GE: HBS)
    • Psychology 227: Environmental Psychology in Rocky Mountain National Park (GE: HBS)
    • Religion 243: Living Faith: Theology and Practice at Holden Village (GE: BTS-T)

    South America

    • Biology 284: Peruvian Medical Experience
    • Biology 288: Equatorial Biology
    • OFFC 162: Social and Political Transformation in Ecuador (GE: HBS, MCG)
    • Spanish 233: Intermediate Spanish II in Ecuador (GE: FOL-S, MCG)