Exact Mass Calculator
The Exact Mass Calculator is part of SIS ChemTools 


The Exact Mass Calculator will provide the user with the exact mass of a chemical formula that is typed into the form below. Calculations are based on the exact mass of the most abundant ion of the element. It does not report other isotopes and does not use the average masses of the elements.
Type in the chemical formula. Click on the 'calculate' button, and the atomic mass of the formula will be displayed.
Type in Chemical Formula : 
Calculated Exact Mass is : 

Examples on how to input formulas:

CH3COOH is written as CH3COOH
H2SO4 is written as H2SO4
Mg(OH)2 is written as Mg(OH)2
Include no spaces in input. Element names are case sensitive 
To use this program requires a Java Script enabled browser.
This page is still under development, it may not fully work correctly
Developed by David J. Manura, Scientific Instrument Services, copyright 1996 Scientific Instrument Services.
Scientific Instrument Services is not responsible for any errors which may result from the use of this program. 
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