The mathematics program at St. Olaf is nationally recognized for innovative and effective teaching, for scholarship, and for service to the profession. We see mathematics as interesting, important, useful, and appropriate for students with a wide variety of interests. Welcome to our mathematical community.

It's summertime in MSCS!

It's quiet in Regents Hall of Mathematical Sciences, but we're working hard to get ready for the 2011-12 academic year, and to welcome the class of 2015 to campus. Incoming first year students might want to peruse our web pages (including some tidbits below) for some useful information.

Do I have to take a math class at St. Olaf?

The short answer is no, but the longer answer is that all B.A. students must satisfy the Abstract and Quantitative Reasoning (AQR) General Education requirement (B.M. students may choose to complete a general education requirement with an AQR course). Students complete the AQR requirement either by taking a designated course in Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science or through successful completion of an equivalent course prior to arriving at St. Olaf. Read more about the AQR requirement below or visit our AQR Information page. If you already know that you definitely want to take a math class, visit our Mathematics Placement page.

Do I have to complete the AQR requirement at St. Olaf?

Some students have taken the right kind of courses in high school or have had other academic experiences that give them credit for the AQR. Visit our AQR Placement page to see whether or not this includes you.

How do I satisfy the AQR requirement?

There are several different courses in mathematics, statistics, and computer science that satisfy the AQR requirement. Which kind of course you should take depends on your academic strengths and interests. Visit our AQR Information page for more information.

I know that I want to take a math course at St. Olaf, but which one should I take?

Excellent--we're glad you want to take a math course! Please visit our Mathematics Placement page for help deciding which course you should start in.