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====<center>[ What statisticians do]</center><br><br>==== ====<center>[ What statisticians do]</center><br><br>====
===<center>''How do you get started?''</center><br>=== ===<center>''How do you get started?''</center><br>===
-====<center>[[First_Statistics_Course|Which statistics course should you take?]]</center> <br><br>====+====<center>[ Which statistics course should you take?]</center> <br><br>====
====<center>[ Information about the statistics concentration] </center><br><br>==== ====<center>[ Information about the statistics concentration] </center><br><br>====

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Tell your students to go into stats. The market is short on well-rounded statisticians with good business and management skills. Demand for this unique skill set is only going to grow.

-Thad Hellman '98

Why should you earn a Statistics Concentration?

NYT touts Statistics careers

Learn Statistics. Go Abroad.

What statisticians do

How do you get started?

Which statistics course should you take?

Information about the statistics concentration

Ready to add a concentration in statistics? Complete this form, drop by to visit a statistics professor to discuss your plans. Declare your concentration officially at the Registrar's.

Find out about Stat Grad School from the Grads themselves... This series of articles is being organized by an Ole and many of the graduate student authors are Oles.Check it out!

St. Olaf Stat Grads News

Pro Bono Work at Purdue

Get Awards

Look for Ole Anna Ericksen Peterson on pg. 5… and Ole Steve Lund on page 9 … in the fields of Iowa at Iowa State.

Nicole Bohme Carnegie

Kelly McConville Seminar at CSU

Considering Grad School in Statistics or Biostatistics? Check this out.

Summer Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Research and Computing

Summer Opportunities in Biostatistics




North Carolina


South Florida

St. Louis

Madison, WI

Mayo Biostatistics Internships

Statistics Program News

'06-'07 News and Events

'05-'06 News and Events

'04-'05 News and Events

Global Health and Biostatistics in Geneva

Image:Geneva1.jpg Work with researchers at the World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, while becoming aware of the global burden of disease. Look for information on the 2009 Interim to study biostatistics in Geneva!

Pictures from Geneva 2007