"Studying in Scandinavia has taught me more than a new language. It has
opened my eyes to a new culture"
By experiencing a culture and language first-hand you will develop much
deeper understanding and tolerance. Historical and cultural landmarks will
come alive and you will be able to perfect your langauge skills by using
them to communicate in everyday situations.
As you live and learn with Scandinavians in their own countries, you will
gain an insider's perspective. You might feel insecure at times, but the
experience will boost your self-confidence and enable you to handle a
variety of new and unanticipated situations. Understanding of a foreign
culture also brings home the importance of nationality and roots, changing
your perception of yourself and of others.

You will not only build critical thinking skills and linguistic competency,
but build confidence and competence to work effectively in the global
marketplace. International education is a valuable credential in an
increasingly competitive job-market and provides skills and experiences
that cannot be duplicated on campus.
So check out these links for information about studying in the Nordic

Study Abroad Opportunites
-> DiS (Denmark's International Study Program)
-> SUST (Scandinavian Urban Studies Term)
-> ISS (Oslo International Summer School)
-> OYP (Oslo Year Program)
-> ASF (American-Scandinavian Foundation)
Student Travel Information
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