St. Olaf Libraries

Booking AV Equipment & Technology

St. Olaf students, faculty, and staff have the ability to book audio and video equipment, laptops, iPads, and other technology for checkout at Rolvaag Library. With the WebCheckout online reservation system you can reserve equipment and technology well in advance to ensure its availability for assignments, projects, and events. Reserved items can be picked up at Rolvaag Library’s front service desk.

You can view the terms and conditions for checking out equipment at (link to new webpage)

All bookings must be placed a minimum of 3 hours in advance, with laptops and iPads needing 24 hours advanced notice. This is necessary to ensure the equipment is available and prepped for use. We cannot accommodate same-day requests for laptops or iPads.

Information About Loaner Laptops

During the semester, students can check out a laptop for up to an entire semester and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Checkout Terms

    Loaner laptops are for temporary use while your computer is getting fixed or you are saving up to buy a laptop. Students can borrow a laptop computer for up to 300 days or one academic year throughout their time at St. Olaf (checkout period is limited to one semester at a time); after that, plans should be made to purchase your own laptop or use a public computer.

  • Requirements

    To borrow a laptop, students must meet one of the following requirements:

    • Enrolled in a course (Fall, Interim, Spring, Summer) on campus
    • Involved in a summer research project through Steen or CURI
    • Involved in a credit-bearing internship where equipment is needed that cannot be provided by the internship location
  • How to Request?

    Request a loaner laptop here. Laptops go through an approval process to ensure that the requester meets the requirements, and once approved laptops can be picked up from the Library Equipment Desk.

Terms and Conditions

By checking the box on the WebCheckout patron portal the borrower agrees to all of the terms and conditions.

The borrower is responsible for picking up their reserved items on time and returning them by their due date. If a borrower knows they are going to be late it is their responsibility to inform equipment circulation staff about the delay.

If equipment is not returned by the due date a hold will be placed on the patron's account, preventing them from checking out additional equipment until all overdue items are returned. If the items are over 24 hours late they will receive a $25 charge on their student account. If equipment has not been returned seven (7) days after the due date the borrower will receive an additional $25 charge. Once an item reaches fourteen (14) days past the due date it will be marked as “lost” in the system and the borrower will be charged the replacement cost for the item. If the items are damaged, lost, or stolen, the borrower is responsible for the replacement cost of the items.

If a borrower’s late return of an item interferes with another patron's equipment request, particularly if it is for a class, they may be subject to an inconvenience fee of up to $50.

If a patron is late returning items for longer than two (2) days three (3) times a semester they will be banned from checking out items for the remainder of the semester.