St. Olaf Libraries

Library Food & Drink Policy

Effective Date: September 10, 2020
Issuing Authority: Roberta Lembke
Program Coordinators: Natalie Berg-Wall , x3597
Last Updated: September 10, 2020

Purpose of Policy

This policy exists to create a clean and welcoming environment that supports the long-term preservation of our facilities and collections.


This policy applies to all library users and occupants.


The St Olaf Food & Drink policy prohibits the consumption of food in our spaces. While we strive to promote a pleasant environment, we also wish to protect the college’s significant investment in the physical collection, computer technology, and furniture.

Please respect the following guidelines:

  • Food is not permitted in Rolvaag Library or Halvorson Music Library. Library users seen consuming food will be asked to leave the building to finish their snack or meal.

What is permitted?

  • Beverage containers with tops or lids.

Please note that library administration may approve special events during which exemptions to the food and drink policy may be made. Prior approval from library administration must be sought for any exemptions to the food and drink policy.