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Experiencing the Conversations Program

Two of St. Olaf's signature academic programs are American Conversations and the Great Conversation — learning communities that span students' first two years on campus. Over the course of this academic year we invite you to view select lectures from these programs.

In viewing these lectures, you will virtually enter a Great Conversation or American Conversations class on a day devoted to a plenary lecture (as opposed to a discussion). You will experience exactly what our students do: not a TED talk, a polished performance, or a massive open online course (or "MOOC"), but a talk pitched to the needs of St. Olaf students on a topic of perennial interest.

This year's lectures are taken from the first year of American Conversations and the second year of the Great Conversation. (This continues from our series of lectures from last year, which are also available for viewing).

J. Laurel Carrington, Director of the Great Conversation and Professor of History
Doug Casson, Co-Director of the Great Conversation and Associate Professor of Political Science
Colin Wells, Director of American Conversations and Professor of English
Marci Sortor, Provost and Professor of History