Friday, May 28, 2021 — Virtual Concert

Spring Performance Recording

Norseman Band

Arthur Haecker, Conductor

St. Olaf Philharmonia

Martin Hodel, Conductor

Safety Statement:

This performance recording was conducted without an audience. Stringent safety measures were followed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in adherence to current and emerging studies about aerosol transmission among musicians. String players and percussionists played three feet apart while wind players, brass players, and singers were spaced by six feet. Performers, conductors and all involved personnel wore masks, and instruments were fitted with bell covers. Sessions lasted 30 minutes, separated by ventilation breaks of 30 minutes to allow proper air filtration. Surfaces were also sanitized.

Production Credits

Video Director

Joshua Wyatt '05

Video Producer

Jeffrey O'Donnell '02

Camera Operator

Joshua King-Nobles '21

Robb Hallam '22

Megan Hoffhines '23

Carol Luna Morales '23

Jayden Browne '23

Nathaniel Chi '22

Aleks Jenner '22

Lauren Hunt '21

Audio Engineer

Rebecca Beam '18

Lighting Director

Sean Tonko P'22

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