Submit Recording

Use this service to submit video recordings for production purposes.

For technical assistance, please email Broadcast Media.

Helpful Hints for Recording

  • Place the camera level with your eyes, and oriented in landscape ("widescreen") mode.
  • Ensure your head and shoulders are visible and well lit; leave minimal space above your head in the image.
  • Look into the camera when recording (this may mean taping your script to a wall behind your camera, or enlisting a friend to quietly hold it).
  • If recording in a room with windows, arrange your chair and camera so the windows are behind the camera, and not behind you.
  • Record with your computer or device's Camera app, or another video-recording app or program.
  • After starting the recording, find your position and wait 3 seconds before beginning.
  • When you finish speaking or performing, wait 3 seconds, while holding your position, before stopping record.

How To Upload

  • Click the link below to access the submission form.
  • You will need a valid St. Olaf account (faculty, staff, or student) in order to submit.
  • Follow the prompts to choose the project you're submitting to and answer any related questions.
  • At the final step, choose the video recording you wish to submit, and upload it.
  • Your mobile device may allow you to record directly from the upload form, by tapping 'Select files from your device' and then choosing 'Camera (Video)' or 'Take Video':
    • Android users: this method is acceptable and results in HD quality. You may also choose to record in the Camera app and upload the resulting file.
    • iOS users: Apple significantly restricts recording quality via this method; please record via the 'Camera' app (or a third-party video app) in HD quality, and upload the file after recording.
  • We will be notified of your submission, and contact you if there is trouble with the file.
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