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Late Night Musings from the Chair


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Late Night Musings

by Todd Reemtsma, NBS Section Chairperson

ToddWelcome Back!
Summer is almost over and I am assuming that many of you reading this newsletter are returning to a new academic year after a couple months of summer productions or perhaps some time off after a busy 2009-10.  I’m not sure that the excitement of a new year ever goes away – perhaps you learned something new wherever you were doing production work – maybe while taking a break from theatre over the summer your relaxation opened you up to some new ideas to try this year – In either case, hopefully you are returning reinvigorated and with some new perspectives.
Summer Board meeting
On the topic of being reinvigorated and coming into the new year with new perspectives, earlier this month members of the recently elected Northern Boundary Section board gathered together for a summer meeting.  Many of us are new to the board while a couple of us (Thank you Gino and Brian!) have been anchoring the NBS for longer than either of them would like me to mention!  We had a very productive meeting and some great discussions that took place over the better part of an afternoon and came up with many ideas to bring to 2010-11.  Of course you will need to come to the 2010 NBS Fall Conference to hear about some of those ideas.
2010 USITT NBS Fall Regional Conference
And speaking of the 2010 Northern Boundary Section Fall Conference – it’s just around the corner!  You will find more information about the Fall Conference in the newsletter, but I want to take the opportunity to invite you to attend and to make sure that you are spreading the word to others to attend as well.  Not only is the Fall Conference an excellent opportunity to connect with your peers and find out what sort of new perspectives they are bringing into this new year, but it’s a great opportunity to sit in on some fabulous sessions led by people from within and outside our NBS Section.
This upcoming year
Something that I intend to mention during our meeting at the Fall Conference is that we are always looking for contributions to the newsletter.  Whether it’s writing an article on your own or just dropping a note into the proverbial suggestion box on a topic that you would like to see covered.  I would also like to see more people sharing photos and stories about their productions over the course of this year.  We’re going to do our best to keep connected in this electronic age – please help us out.
And just to toot our own horns a little bit, I want to say that technical theatre people are some of the smartest people I know.  What other career path requires a knowledge of:  architecture, engineering, art, music, fashion, electronics, history, geometry, physics and so much more?  Pat yourselves on the back!

If it’s not fun, why do it?  - Ben & Jerry (of ice cream fame)