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NBS Fall Regional Conference:

Friday evening and all day Saturday September 5 & 6, 2015. The Conference will be hosted by Anoka Ramsey Community College. Coon Rapids, MN (Northern Metro) See the article in this issue of Northern Boundary News.

March 2014 Section Meeting Minutes

USITT Northern Boundary Section Meeting
Fort Worth, TX. USITT National Conference

Call to order
Todd called the meeting to order at 8:05 am.

As is tradition we did a round robin of introductions there were 102 members in attendance.

Approval of minutes
We reviewed the 2013 NBS fall conference meeting minutes
Todd presented the meeting minutes to the members. (Jerry moved to accept Dave seconded). Motion passed.

Treasurer's report
Jean gave a treasurers report. We currently have just over $4,230.00 in the bank.

Student Scholarships
Introduction of Scholarship recipients from the 2014 fall conference as well as the cover the walls winners.

Todd thanked the scholarship reading committee members fort heir work along with our corporate sponsors.

The SECOA Scholarship (2) 
Jack Golden, North Dakota State University & 
Jake Roberts, St. Olaf College
The John Mullen Scholarship from Norcostco/Stage Technology Bethany Davidson, Gustavus Adolphus College
The USITT NBS Scholarship(2) 
Laura Beck, St. Olaf College
Carianne Brobst, Gustavus Adolphus College.

The NBS “Doughnut” Scholarship 
Kit Baumer, Gustavus Adolphus College.

Fall Conference: Where are we going to go next?
Peter from Anoka Ramsey offered the host the conference.
Proposed Dates for the Fall conference are:
Sep 5,6  (better for Mankato) or Sep 12,13.
There was a vote and we moved to the earlier date to be hosted at Anoka Ramsey.

Concordia in Moorhead offered to host the 2015 Fall conference.

Fall Conference Workshop Sessions-
Please get in touch with Peter for interest in sessions you would like to see or if you would like to help in getting the fall conference together and would like to volunteer your time.

Jerry present the idea of getting professionals to present the conference.

National Organization Inquiry
USITT national is looking to strengthen bond with the regional sections. If you have any ideas of how the NBS section and the national can strengthen please let Todd know your ideas.

Open Forum
What are we? What are we doing right? What can we be do better?
How do we bridge the gap for the young professional?

Do we create a dedicated scholarship to young professional?

Brian makes a motion for the establishment of a group of people to set up the guidelines for a new professional scholarship for travel to the National Conference. There was discussion within the membership. There was a second- the motion passed.

We had a discussion of student chapters. Is there a different of being a student chapter of the section or national? Is there an advantage to having student chapters in the section? We need to look at our bylaws to see if we need to create language regarding student chapters.

Mary Beth and Brian talked about the Prague Quadrennial scheduled for summer of 2015 (June 17-27). As you are planning think about your calendar and scheduling your work as well as possible attendance.

Mary Beth moved that the executive committee establish the details of a PQ student scholarship. Motion was seconded and motion passed.

Corey presented info regarding the peer review proposal brought to the membership in September 2013. We did have one peer review happen this year and we need to work to make it work better.

Sheila Tabaka is looking for people to help with "cutting the arts" documentation. Contact Sheila for more information.

Upcoming Newsletter dates:
May 15 is the next newsletter.  August 15 follows that.

Meeting comes to a close.
Move to adjourn and seconded. Passed.

Student scholarships for travel to the National Conference are available

Find out the details about the NBS Student Scholarship Program
The 2015 National Conference will be held March 18-21 in Cincinnati, OH

The winners of the 2013-14 USITT-NBS Student Scholarships to attend the 2014 USITT Conference in Fort Worth, Texas were:

The SECOA Scholarship (2)                       
Jack Golden, North Dakota State University
Jake Roberts, St. Olaf College  
Becky Raines, St. Olaf College
(added conference pass)  

 BeckyDanJake    Jack                                                       Becky      Dan Culhane        Jake                Jack 
The John Mullen Scholarship from Norcostco/Stage Technology           

Bethany Davidson, Gustavus Adolphus College

The USITT NBS Scholarship(2)                       
Laura Beck, St. Olaf College
Carianne Brobst, Gustavus Adolphus College
Laura       Carianne

The NBS “Doughnut” Scholarship           
Kit Baumer, Gustavus Adolphus College

Time to Renew Your Membership!?

For most of us, it is time to renew our annual membership in USITT Northern Boundary Section. The annual renewal date is typically September of each year. The renewal form is located in this newsletter. Click here to access the renewal form. Contact the section treasurer if you are unsure about your renewal status (contact info on Section officer page- "Who's Minding the Store?")

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