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Northern Boundary Section- USITT
Technical Solutions Exhibit Guidelines

    New to NBS this year, the Technical Solutions Exhibit is much like the USITT national Theatre Technology Exhibit (Tech Expo).  Student members who present at the Technical Solutions Exhibit will be considered for scholarships for National conference registration alongside the "Cover the Walls" entries.
    Technical Solutions Exhibit features creative solutions to production problems in all aspects of technical theatre including, but not limited to, scenic, rigging, props, lights, sound and special effects.
    The Exhibit will highlight challenges faced by technicians during recent productions and will outline the background and parameters of the challenge, as well as the steps taken to solve the challenge for that production.  These solutions can include the design of new devices, a creative use for an item or device, the development of new tools and new techniques to solve the challenge at hand.

To participate in the Technical Solutions Exhibit…

• Present the challenge you faced so that the viewer could re-create the item or situation.  Include the following information…
- Name of project
- Script and author/ or production information
- Venue and producer
- Any information the viewer needs to be aware of that affected the challenge.

• Provide detailed information in the format of a brief narrative on what the challenge issues were, research done leading up to the solution, and an accounting of the trial and error portion of the process.  Provide a detailed step-by-step of solving the challenge.

• Include budget information along with material and research sources such as vendors, contractors, suppliers, etc.

• Include images when possible. Make sure to caption all images and also cite sources.

• If possible, bring along the actual item you created; however posters of the project are always welcomed.

    Each participant will be provided with approximately 4’-0” of table space and a 4’-0” tall homosote board behind to display items.  Larger projects may use the floor space by the table.  Standard electricity will be available as well.
    If your presentation requires additional support (dress form, special electrical, air compressor, etc.) please contact Peter Lerohl at   to submit your request.

Student Eligibility
1. Only bona fide students are eligible for the "National Conference registration award". For the purposes of this award a bona fide student is one who, during the period of initial screening, is: an undergraduate student registered for at least six semester hours or nine quarter hours; a graduate student registered for at least three semester or four quarter hours;
a continuing part time student enrolled in a regular degree or certificate program.
2. Students must be present and registered for the NBS Regional Conference.

Design Exhibition Specification & Set-up
1. Student designers will be responsible for delivering, setting up, and taking down, the required materials for the Technical Solutions Exhibit at the NBS Regional Section Fall Workshops.


The NBS USITT Section Members (non-student) attending the Regional Conference will vote via ballot at the workshop.
Winners will be announced at the section wrap up meeting on Saturday.