August, 2020 Issue

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A Brief Visit Into Puppetry by Lucas Granholm
Using Virtual Reality to Pre-Visualize Your Designs by Todd F. Edwards, Marko Kojicki and Soren Saunders
Hail and Farewell by Jean Montgomery
Move To Help... Stand in Solidarity  by Tony Stoeri

Floyd Memorial
photo by Lori Shaull



Treasurer's Report
Membership Meeting Minutes- Sept, 2019
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Hail and Farewell

by Jean Montgomery

    It has been my pleasure to serve this Section as your Treasurer for the past 32 years.  But the time has come for change and I have resigned/retired in favor of Ricky Greenwell who will serve as your new Treasurer until at least the next election cycle (and hopefully beyond).  Our bylaws allow a replacement appointment by the Board which occurred earlier this summer. I thought it was more than time for the younger world to become invested in the future of the Section and the Institute itself.  I first joined the NBS world in the early 1980’s and became Secretary in 1982…serving in that role till 1992.  This gave me the chance to assist with the 1987 USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo in the Twin Cities when the sections were mainly responsible for engineering, designing, and gathering the folks together to attend such an event.  Serving as registration chair for that conference taught me computers (they were just arriving to the general public use around then).  I spent quite a few Saturday mornings in my office on line with NY as they manufactured the registration code (and fixed it) right in front of my eyes – fascinating to watch.  This was the first conference to use computer registration.  You could say the world has changed a lot since then – and so has USITT!
    I hope you all will continue to be active members in the section and the Institute both now and wherever your future careers in theatre or its allied industries take you.  It’s a fascinating world of make-believe, information, points to ponder, things to learn, things to pass-along or protest, imagination, possibilities where seemingly nothing is impossible.  Sometimes a frustrating world but always with a goal to spin a tale for an audience.  And our contributions to that spin can never be taken for granted.  So wherever your path takes you -- carry on and make presentation art complete.  Without us, the art cannot be seen, heard, visualized, completed, or transmitted.  And please have fun doing it! [ ]

editor's note: Check out this gallery of images I assembled showing Gino in action over the years at our NBS events.    : )   
*** Thanks Jean Montgomery for all you have done for Northern Boundary Section USITT!