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NBS Awards Student Scholarships for Travel to National Conference

USITT Northern Boundary Section has had a long tradition of supporting scholarships for students to attend the National Conference. This year's schloarship awards have been made. See Rooth Varland's article in From the Hammer for the details about this and our upcoming leadership elections (next page).

USITT National Conference
March 31-April 3

The next meeting of the Northern Boundary Membership will be held at the upcoming National Conference in Kansa City, Missouri.

USITT50KCBe prepared for fun and excitement at the 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo. USITT @ 50
Kansas City boasts more fountains than any city except Rome, plus:

Come for the information, stay for the celebration!

ChadNorthern Boundary Section supports student scholarships to attend the National Conference each year. Five students from the section will be attending with scholarship support this year in KC. Chad Albert attended last year's conference in Cincinnati and had this to report about his experience:

"USITT national conference 2009 was one of the most amazing theatrical experiences I have ever had.  At first I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of activities to do and people to meet.  The most beneficial thing for me was talking to graduate schools and having my portfolio looked at.  After attending and talking to 10 or more graduate schools I was put on the right path towards my goals.  I got great information on my portfolio and resume.  I could have not asked for more useful input, everyone was very professional and more than helpful.  I would recommend USITT national conferences to any new theatre major that is thinking about becoming a designer.  It can be fairly expensive but thanks to Jerry Kraft and SECOA most of my trip was paid for because of a scholarship I received through USITT Northern Boundry Section, and I am very appreciative for the experience and knowledge I gained. "

-Chad Albert  (Senior at the University of Northern Iowa)

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